1.7:1 Roller Tip Rockers - Alloy

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1.7:1 Mini roller tip rocker assembly a performance upgrade for your Mini A series engine. Manufactured in aluminium and stylishly finished in anodised gold.
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The Mini Sport 1.7:1 ratio gives high lift, full race Roller tip rockers can be installed quickly as a direct replacement to the original rocker assembly and give much higher valve lift similar to a racing camshaft. Only recommended for Full Race or highly modified road Engines. The Roller tips on the rocker assembly help to eliminate friction, and also stops the side loading of valve stem that the standard rockers create, which allows quieter and smoother running.

Accurate modern CNC manufacturing techniques ensure the correct rocker ratio is achieved and quality control is assured.

When fitting the Mini Sport 1.7:1 ratio roller tip rockers you will require a set of high lift valve springs (recommend ADLH/LIFT depending on which camshaft is fitted). Clearance between the piston and valve will have to be checked to prevent contact. If this is a problem then machining the piston crown to allow the clearance can easily rectify it, another job that can be carried out by our experts in Mini Sport Engineering. 


Designed and manufactured in the UK by Mini Sport, this Mini 1.7:1 high lift roller tipped rocker assembly is a direct replacement for the original rocker assembly for increasing the performance of Mini A series engines.  This simple but effective modification will give similar performance to a hi lift camshaft but without the need to remove the engine and strip and rebuild it.

British engineering at its best, Mini Sport are committed to keeping British manufacturing alive, investing in the very best CNC machines, with extremely talented and experienced designers and engineers ensuring the very best products and the very best quality at the best price. The 1.7:1 roller rockers are precision made in our own CNC machine shop here in the UK, to aerospace standards, ensuring the very best of British engineering for your Mini.

Only at Mini Sport can you find this expertise and dedication to the Classic Mini, there are Mini spares suppliers who claim the impossible, but only Mini Sport are the genuine article. For Quality, Reliability and Value make sure it has the Mini Sport logo!

Advantages of the Mini 1.7:1 'Roller Rockers'

  • Higher lift on the valves
  • Reduces side loading and wear of the valve stem and valve guide
  • Reduces friction
  • Quieter, smoother running of the engine
  • Unique 'Roller Tips' on the rocker arm
  • 1.7:1 ratio is the equivalent to using a Hi Lift Rally/ Race specification camshaft.

Only to be used on modified engines, not recommended for 850cc engines.

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