September 2020

  1. Mini Brakes Servicing
    Categories: Mini Servicing

    Mini Brakes Servicing

    This week on the blog, we're going to talk about one of the most important parts on your Mini - the brakes! The stopping power for your little pocket rocket need some TLC every now and again to keep yourself safe when out and about. There are two different brake systems used on Classic Minis, Drum Brakes all round, or...
  2. 1964 Mini Cooper S Restoration
    Categories: Restoration Projects & Mini Sport News

    1964 Mini Cooper S Restoration

    We're recently completed work on a restoration on a 1964 Mini Cooper S! Our customer had a very distinct image in mind for this Mini, wanting a 'cool London zoom around Mini' - going from white with a black roof, to Brewster Green with a black roof! Arriving at Mini Sport, it was time for our expert team to examine...

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