Ever wished that you could replicate that iconic livery from your favourite rally Minis, or wished that you could express your (or rather your Minis) individuality through decals? Applying a Mini decal or livery to your Mini doesn't have to be a daunting task - it is actually relatively easy, IF you approach it correctly!

This week on our blog, we decided we would put together a handy guide on how to approach fitting decals yourself at home, with minimal tools & effort.

Before you begin, if you're looking for a little inspiration as to what would work for your Mini - you can check out our full range of Decals, Stripes & Badges on our website right here. 

Step 1:

Decide where on your Mini you want your decal to go. This step is really important, if you’re fitting a large decal that may go over multiple panels – for example our Team Mini Sport rally decals, you need to plan for any gaps.


Step 2:

Hold your decal on your Mini in place whilst leaving the backing in place, so you’re not sticking your decal on. You need to measure that your decal will fit in the place you want it to go on your Mini.


Step 3:

If centring your decal, it’s best to use a tape measure to check that you have placed your decal in the right place. This step is particularly important if you are placing the same decals on both sides of your Mini – for example, door squares. Make sure that you have the equal measurements for both sides. Chose key markers to measure to/from, e.g. the mirrors or a window.


Step 4:

Measure exactly where on your Mini the decal is to be, when you’re happy with the positioning, using masking tape mark out a guide for each corner of the decal. This will help you when sticking on the decals.

Step 5:

You must only ever apply decals to a clean Mini! We would recommend using panel wipes, or a soft cloth with an alcohol based product from your local body shop. Avoid any cleaner that leaves any residue on your Mini, this will affect how your decal sticks.


Step 6:

You will need your Mini to be dry before attempting to apply a decal, you can’t stick on a wet car.


Step 7:

It’s time to apply your decal to your Mini! Start by peeling off the backing from your decal, if it’s a large decal, we would advise you do this a little at a time to make it easier to stick.


Step 8:

Begin sticking your decal to your Mini using your masking tape as a guide. Pressing on the edge of your decal quite firmly, use something flat such as a bank card to apply your decal and smooth out any potential air bubbles. Keep your decal stretched tight throughout this process until you have unpeeled and stuck your decal in place.


Step 9:

Wait at least half an hour before peeling off your transfer tape, this gives time for your decal to dry on your Mini. Removed the transfer tape carefully to avoid tearing your decal.


Step 10:

Go over your decal again with your flat edge (tool or bank card should do the trick) to remove any bubbling!

So, will you opt for the infamous Mini Cooper Stripes of course with John Cooper's Signature, perhaps the Team Mini Sport Flag, or... Maybe you'll follow suit with a Hippy Mini like our very own US rep Mike Guido!

Let us know how you get on & share your pics with us on Facebook...

For further information or advice on our range of Mini Decal & Stripes, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the helpful Mini Sport team on 01282 778731 or alternatively send an e-mail to sales@minisport.com.