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  1. How to fit a Classic Mini Dashboard
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    How to fit a Classic Mini Dashboard

    Your Mini Dashboard (also known as the Dash, Instrument Panel, or Fascia), is the control panel for your car. Set in the front of your Mini's interior, the dashboard holds all your Mini's instruments. Depending on the dashboard you have, you may find a variety of gauges, including the speedometer, fuel, tachometer, oil pressure & water temperature gauges. Perhaps worth...
  2. Fit a Steering Wheel to your Classic Mini
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    Fit a Steering Wheel to your Classic Mini

    The joy of driving a Mini is in the control we feel when we turn the wheel. So choosing your ideal Mini Steering Wheel is of the utmost importance. Mini Sport have a large selection of wooden, vinyl or leather steering wheels, with matching Boss Kits. We have everything you need to evoke the spirit of the classic in YOUR...
  3. 'How To' Fit a Classic Mini Carpet
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    'How To' Fit a Classic Mini Carpet

    When it comes to choosing a carpet for your Mini, we understand it can get a little confusing... With so many Mini carpets & variations on the market, it can be difficult to know which carpet set will meet your needs. Here at Mini Sport we offer a range of Mini carpets to suit any budget. Our value carpet sets...
  4. Magic Mini Carpet!
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    Magic Mini Carpet!

    Magic Mini Carpet flies out of Mini Sport... One of our customers was delighted with his brand new Classic Mini Carpet, purchased from us for the bargain price of only £30, so much so that he shared the news a long with a photo of his fresh new Mini interior in a Classic Mini group on Social Media. Quickly selling...

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