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  1. Prep your Mini for Winter!
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    Prep your Mini for Winter!

    Winter is coming! No, we’re not just doing our best Jon Snow impression… Winter is pretty much here and it’s time to start thinking about preparing your Mini if you haven’t already… After all, the Great British Weather is anything but predictable – could we have a January heat wave, or will we be hit […]

  2. Fitting Cooper Bonnet Stripes and Signatures
    Categories: Mini Servicing, Services at Mini Sport & Mini Cooper

    Fitting Cooper Bonnet Stripes and Signatures

    We recommend professional fitment for best results. Mini Cooper Bonnet Stripes – Part no MCPDAF10382/10383 1 . Wash vehicle to remove dirt, dust and any greasy residue from previous decals or stripes. Brake cleaner or T-CUT type products can be used for cleaning the paint surface. 2. Cooper Bonnet Stripes can be adhered either using […]

  3. Guide to Mini parts and what they do - with pictures
    Categories: Mini Servicing

    Guide to Mini parts and what they do - with pictures

    How much do you really know about the inner workings of your Mini? We’ve put together a brief guide of just some of the parts that make your Mini work! Check it out & let us know which parts you’d like us to cover next! Hopefully this guide will be helpful if you’re a keen […]

  4. Mini Road Trip Prep!
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    Mini Road Trip Prep!

    Summer is here! With many more people choosing to holiday in the UK this year ( Staycation ), road trips are on the rise… If you’re planning on going on a Mini Road Trip, it’s a good idea to just carry out a few simple checks on your car to ensure that you stay safe […]

  5. Fitting a Stage 1 Tuning Kit
    Categories: Mini Servicing

    Fitting a Stage 1 Tuning Kit

    Our experts at Mini Sport have put together this handy guide for you, on how to fit a Stage 1 Tuning Kit to your Mini! Your Mini Stage 1 Tuning Kit includes the following:- 1 x LCB Exhaust Manifold and Clamps 1 x Superflow Exhaust System 1 x Alloy Water Heated Inlet Manifold 1 x […]

  6. Mechanics Mini Jargon - What it Means
    Categories: Mini Servicing

    Mechanics Mini Jargon - What it Means

    Taking your Mini to the garage can be a daunting thought… Especially if you’re unfamiliar with the terminology that the mechanic will use when referring to the parts on your Mini! On this weeks blog, we will take a look at just a few of the terms you’re likely to hear & what they mean. […]

  7. Understanding Classic Mini Tyres
    Categories: Mini Servicing

    Understanding Classic Mini Tyres

    Have you ever noticed that the tyres on your Mini have writing on the sidewall? Often a combination of numbers & letters, these identify your tyre size, type & performance features that probably won’t mean very much to the driver however, they are vital when purchasing a replacement tyre for your Mini. When looking to […]

  8. Mini Clutch Issues - Troubleshooting!
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    Mini Clutch Issues - Troubleshooting!

    This week on the blog we’re letting you know about some quick checks you can perform on your Mini to check your clutch is performing as it should be! Before you begin, you need to know if the clutch in your Mini is pre-verto or verto… If you have a short clutch arm, around 3 […]

  9. Mini Headlights Guide
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    Mini Headlights Guide

    This week’s blog is a guide to Mini Headlights – when and how to replace or restore them. Mini Headlights can get cloudy overtime, resulting in a much dimmer beam than is safe! Below we take a look at the causes & what you can do to combat this on your Mini. Your Mini’s Headlights […]

  10. Classic Mini Head Gasket Guide
    Categories: Mini Servicing

    Classic Mini Head Gasket Guide

    An In-depth Guide to Its Role, Failures, and Maintenance Mini vehicles are renowned for their compact size and thrilling performance. These wonders on wheels owe their power to several intricate components working in perfect harmony, with one of the unsung heroes being the head gasket. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve deeper into the role, […]

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