1. The Technologies That Mini Specialists Use To Create New Parts
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    The Technologies That Mini Specialists Use To Create New Parts

    Having been a Mini specialist since the heyday of the classic models back in the 1960s, our original intention to trade spare parts quickly saw us use our engineering nous to improve items instead. Our pioneering rigid throttle linkage being one such example. Before long, we grew to be the world’s leading Mini specialist based on our technical knowledge […]

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    Less is more when it comes to tool vending at Motorsport Advanced Developments

    Padiham-based Mini Sport Group has been supplying its customers with parts for the iconic classic Mini for over 50 years. Since 2005 many of these parts have been manufactured in-house by group company Motorsport Advanced Developments (MAD).  While initially MAD’s focus was purely for the Groups’ own requirements, its reputation for quality grew and the […]

  3. Mini Sport Pushing Engineering Boundaries…
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    Mini Sport Pushing Engineering Boundaries…

    Here at Mini Sport, we recently celebrated our 50th Anniversary in November by holding a Gala Dinner with all our Mini Sport friends! To mark this momentous occasion, we decided we would like to take the opportunity to raise some money for a charity. After not so much deliberation, it was set that we would be raising funds […]

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