1. Mini Sport Cup 2021 Award Winners
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    Mini Sport Cup 2021 Award Winners

    Despite having to run a reduced rallying calendar in 2021 (due to the on-going issues that Covid-19 has presented), we were delighted with the turnout for each of the Mini Sport Cup rounds! We've had a close battle for the Championship, with it all boiling down to the final round of the Championship at Glyn Memorial Stages at the end...
  2. What Happens When You Don't Change the Engine Oil in Your Mini?
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    What Happens When You Don't Change the Engine Oil in Your Mini?

    Changing the oil in your Mini is a relatively easy job to do, but what happens if you don't stay on top of it? This week's blog takes a look at the issues you can face & also talks you through how to do it yourself! Changing the oil & filter in your Mini helps improve fuel efficiency & ensures...
  3. Mini Sport – A Community of Mini Specialists
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    Mini Sport – A Community of Mini Specialists

    Without a doubt, one of the reasons why the Mini has remained such an icon of British motoring innovation is thanks to the community of like-minded enthusiasts it has promoted. Whether it’s the trade of new and used parts, attending events, competing in races or reminiscing about Mini adventures of the past – anyone who knows anything about the Mini...
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    From Zero-to-Hero: Mini Cooper S Restoration

    Back in March 2016, we were tasked with a restoration on quite a special Mini indeed... Alex Munday's 1996 John Cooper Works Mini Cooper S, an original from the John Cooper Garages, production number 79, and allegedly previously owned by British rally driver, Alistair McRae! When following his life-long love of Mini's Alex purchased this Cooper for family adventures, it came as a...
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    Presenting: The 60th Anniversary Mini Cooper

    With 2019 marking the 60th-anniversary of the Mini Cooper, it already is an exciting time for Mini specialists and enthusiasts alike. Many events and commemorations are planned at numerous fairs and rally events across the country – one of the most recent was the BMC’s Mini Fair at Bingley Hall back in January.   The modern-day iteration of the Mini...
  6. Definitely Not a 'Mini' Fundraiser!
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    Definitely Not a 'Mini' Fundraiser!

    Above: Mini Sport’s Managing Director Chris Harper, Marketing & IT Director Jonathan Harper, Prevent Breast Cancer Chairman Lester Barr, Mini Sport Co-Founders Heather & Brian Harper and Prevent Breast Cancer Charity Manager Vicki Wilkinson. The design and manufacture of 20 intricate, miniature Mini Sport Ltd. models has led to a funding boost of £21,000 for Prevent Breast Cancer. The generous donation was raised by attendees...

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