What are Mini Wheel Arches?

Our Mini wheel arches, or Fender Flares as they're sometimes known, are a unique way to extend your Minis wheel arches. Enhancing and widening your wheel arches will also protect your bodywork from stones, mud and other dirt thrown up by the tyre, all in one simple application.

These parts are popular accessories on Minis, from thin to very thick, extensions usually range from 25 to 150 mm. Depending on the arch extension, they can give your Mini a classic look, a modern feel or even an extreme effect. Serving as a reminder of the legendary Minis of the 60s!

Arch extensions allow very wide or high offset wheels to fit your Mini, which will provide additional wheel arch clearance.

Typically manufactured from plastic, fibreglass or carbon fibre, fender flares are both light & flexible. You may have to modify the arch extensions slightly when fitting, depending on the size & fitment required. Usual mounting methods are screwed, riveted or glued in place.

One of the most popular accessories for Minis, they're also easy to install, shaping & blending to your Minis bodywork.

Browse through our range of fender flares and arch extensions:

Standard Mini Wheel Arches (AJM1117)

Plastic wheel arches were fitted to Minis as standard from 1984. These measure 1 ¾” wide and are a great starting point for someone looking to cover their wheels! You can also fit our stainless steel arch covers on top to add some additional brightwork to your Mini.


Monte Carlo Mini Wheel ArchesMonte Carlo Mini Wheel Arches (RGRBP51)

The Monte Carlo Wheel Arches give a great sporty look to your Mini. Manufactured from plastic, these easy to fit extensions mount without moulding in to the bodywork.

Measuring 2 1/4” wide, these arches also come with a dedicated fitting kit.



Sportspack Mini Wheel Arches

Sportspack Mini Wheel Arches (MSLMS0559)

Seen on Minis 1996 onwards, the Sportspack arch is the ultimate modern look for your Mini, typically fitted with the 13" x 6" Sports Pack Alloy Wheels which complement. These Genuine arches are perfect for covering wider wheels. Finished in grey plastic, ready for painting, included is everything you need to fit these to your Mini!


We would recommend this fitting kit for the following wheel arch extensions, which contains rubber seam trim to protect the paintwork and screws required to fit these arches.


Wood & Pickett Arches (CUR038)

Similar to the Monte Carlo Arches, these extensions are great looking wheel arch, easy fitment without the fuss of moulding them into the body work.

2 1/4” wide and manufactured from fibreglass with a white gel coat, suitable for painting in any colour.


Group 2 Rally Arches (SPDSP-5J)

Group 2 Rally Arches are a perfect addition for someone looking to retro style their Mini. They measure 1 ¾” wide, suitable for the Classic Chrome Trim (CZF105 or CZF107), complemented with the rear aches continuing down to the rear valance under the bumper.

Being aftermarket fibreglass arches, they require slight alterations to fit to your Mini, regardless of the age. You will also need to cut slots into them for the seam covers.


Group 2 Race Arches (SPDSP-6J)

If you fancy a retro-styled Mini with wider wheels, then Group 2 Race arches are the ones for you! Measuring 3 1/4” wide, they allow the chrome seam trim to sit on top (CZF105 or CZF107).

However, being aftermarket fibreglass arches, they will require some slight alterations to fit to your Mini, regardless of the age. In addition, you will also need to cut slots into them for the seam covers.

The rear aches continue down with the rear valance under the bumper.


Group 5 Aches (SPDSP-7J)

At 3.5" wide, Group 5s are a great modern looking arch for the wider 6" wheel. The rear aches continues down with the rear valance under the bumper.

As a result of being aftermarket fibreglass arches, some slight alterations are required, regardless of the Minis age. Consequently, you need to cut slots into them for the seam covers.


Miglia Arches (CUR030/CUR033CW/CUR033STD)

Miglia Arch Extensions

The big boys... Our widest wheel arches we offer, measure a whopping 4" wide! Usually seen on the Miglia Race Minis.

The front arches are both handed, however, the rear arches will need altering to fit.

Available in a range of materials - carbon fibre, glass fibre or a carbon fibre weave laquered to give a bespoke finish!


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