The next blog in our ‘Home Servicing’ series -"Detailing your Mini"  can be undertaken by ANYONE, no matter your level of Mini expertise!

Whether you're hitting the road or attending a Mini event, make sure your beloved little car is turning heads by giving it the TLC it deserves. Grab a detailing kit, roll up your sleeves, and let your Mini shine like never before.

We know everyone has their own special ways to keep their Mini looking fabulous, but we wanted to share our suggestion with you:

What you will need:

First things first, rinse your Mini from top to bottom with water, this is to get rid of any debris that might be on there.

Moving on, we would advise that you start with the dirtiest part of your Mini – the wheels! They will need a good pre-soak with the Cooper Mini Wheel Cleaner. You can then go in with a brush on the difficult to reach places, using a separate washcloth or mitt. We strongly advise that you use a different mitt & bucket here, to what you will be using on the rest of your Mini!

Next, mix the Cooper Mini Shampoo with water 2-3 caps to a bucket – warm water is best to help loosen anything stuck on like dew, bugs or bird droppings etc then generously apply the mixture all over your Mini, starting at the top and working your way down in small sections. Rinse your cloth or mitt in the water regularly before adding new mixture to the Mini – you don’t want to contaminate your clean shampoo concoction with dirty water! This process will help lift any dead bugs and obstinate muck that might be lurking on there. Once you’re satisfied that your Mini is clean of grime, it’s time to rinse again – get rid of all that shampoo.


Once your Mini is rinsed off and shampoo free, it’s time to dry! Again we would advise that you begin at the top of your Mini and work your way down using a chamois. You need to complete this step as quickly as possible… You don’t want to be left with streaks or spots!

Now your Mini is dry, it’s time to get stuck in with polishing! There are two options for polishing – by hand or with a machine. The finish with a machine will be a better polish than by hand, but not everyone wil

l have a machine. We would only recommend using the machine if you’ve had practice and know what you’re doing, you don’t want to ruin your paint. We’ll talk you through hand polishing, the results are still good and it also offers you greater control.


Apply Cooper Mini Polish to a soft cloth and rub it in to your Mini in a circular motion. Working slowly, polish one section at a time using plenty of polish – don’t let your cloth dry out. Carrying on with your circular motions until the polish has vanished completely – you don’t want this to dry on your Mini. We’d also advise against polishing your Mini in direct sunlight. If you drop your cloth at any point in the polishing process – do not continue using it! Replace your cloth to avoid embedding debris in to your Mini’s paint!

Following on from polishing your Mini, it’s time to wax. We’d recommend you don’t do this in high temperatures to avoid the wax drying as soon as you apply it to your Mini – however in very cold weather, wax becomes difficult to manoeuvre around your Mini! Waxing in your garage is the ideal location to avoid the issues caused by differing temperatures. Using a foam applicator, or damp sponge, use small circular motions to apply the Cooper Mini Car Wax to your Mini. Again it’s best to work in sections when waxing, don’t use too much wax – this can be a nightmare to get off your Mini. Leave the wax on your Mini for a few minutes before wiping the wax away. A handy trick to see if the wax is ready to come off or not is to wipe your finger on a small section – does it smear? If so, the wax needs to stay on a little longer, but if it comes off clear then you can wipe the wax off using a clean microfiber cloth.

Finally, it’s time to get those tyres & trim gleaming! Using the Cooper Mini Tyre & Trim on a soft cloth, work in small circular motions and wipe away the excess!


Now you’ve done the whole Mini… It might also be worth giving your glass the once over, after all – mucky fingerprints just won’t do!

Et voilà! Your Mini should now be gleaming and show ready.

If you’re interested in purchasing the full COOPER CAR COMPANY DETAILING KIT - IT'S ON OUR WEBSITE HERE! 

If you need any help or assistance, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly & knowledgable team on 01282 778731 or where we’ll be happy to help!