Following a tremendous career in the world of motorsport, as the man who put the Mini on the map with his iconic Monte win back in '64, Paddy has been in the public eye ever since. He served as the president of the BRDC for many years, is currently an ambassador for MINI & IAM Roadsmart, has an exclusive range of Paddy Hopkirk Mini parts with Mini Sport and is also now an MBE. So it's safe to say that Paddy has equated quite a collection of articles, interviews and memorabilia.


On a recent look through his own personal archives, Paddy re-discovered clippings, thought to be lost, from the Sunday Mirror in 1969/70, that featured his very own comic sketch! Originally launched to help make people better drivers, these entertaining & informative clippings ran as a series every week. Paddy approached Mini Sport with the idea of creating a book with these strips to be enjoyed once again.

However, these clippings were taken from newspapers over 50 years ago - so they needed a thorough restoration to be 'print ready' for a book! Mini Sport's creative team undertook the gruelling process of photographing each individual strip to capture as much detail as possible, before painstakingly analysing and re-touching every fine detail, even having to eliminate creases, stains and tears whilst maintaining the nostalgic feel these strips have. Once every piece had been restored, a book was created to present the collection as a whole for the first time ever.

What has been created is a time capsule in to driving safely in the late 60's/early 70's with one of the world's most elite drivers, updated with advice from the IAM Roadsmart team to ensure readers today follow current guidelines on road safety.

Mini Sport sent on a proof for Paddy to approve before going to print, with Paddy letting us know:

"I am so flattered with this memory from long ago, Jenny and I had such a laugh reading through it and can’t wait to see the real thing - you really have done a superb job on the restoration!"

Available from mid-October, these books make a perfect addition to any Mini fan's collection being both informative & entertaining at the same time!

Pre-orders for this book can be made online now!