Summer is here! With many more people choosing to holiday in the UK this year ( Staycation ), road trips are on the rise...

If you're planning on going on a Mini Road Trip, it's a good idea to just carry out a few simple checks on your car to ensure that you stay safe on those longer journeys!

We've tasked our experts with putting together a list of recommended checks to carry out on your Mini in preparation for your trip.


Mini Road Trip Preparation

Ensure your Mini is MOT'd, taxed and insured - even if it's MOT exempt, we would advise you still have this done so you know that your Mini has been checked over by a professional mechanic & that you're as safe as possible when on the road.

Full Service:

  • Check engine running temperature - renew thermostat if unsure
  • Check the water pump - ensure there is no noise/play
  • Check the radiator - flush out the cooling system & heater
  • Check or renew antifreeze / Summer Coolant
  • Replace oil & filter
  • Replace spark plugs
  • Set Valve Clearances
  • Replace points & condensor - if fitted
  • Replace or clean the air filter - dependant on type
  • Check the alternator & charging system
  • Change the alternator belt
  • Change the brake fluid
  • Check clutch fluid levels
  • Check starter motor including connector to solenoid
  • Check the fuel gauge is reading accurately
  • Check the clutch for slipping or high bite point - if it's high up, it is getting worn out
  • Check clutch master & slave cylinder for leaks
  • Test battery - recommend renewal if it's over 3 years old
  • Top up screen washer bottle
  • Check lights & electrics are all in working order - including the wipers/horn
  • Check the condition of the wiper blades & washer jets - ensure the blades are not split and washer jets are not blocked
  • Check the brake hydraulics - including the brake hoses, brake pipes & wheel cylinders

Jack Up Car:

  • Check ball joints - check there is no play in them
  • Check wheel bearings - if your Mini has been stood over winter, it's advisable to change these
  • Check all suspension bushes - including subframe mounts, bottom arm bushes & tie bar bushes
  • Check suspension height on the Mini - terrain dependant
  • Check tracking - if adjustable suspension components are fitted then have a full geometry check
  • Check engine mounts & engine steady bushes - look for wear/movement
  • Check for wear in radius arms & front top arms
  • Grease all suspension/grease points
  • Check for oil leaks
  • Strip and examine brake linings & discs - if new required it may be worth an upgrade
  • Check driveshaft boots & joints - check for splits/wear
  • Check exhaust mountings & the condition of the exhaust - check that they've not corroded/blowing
  • Check steering rack boots & track rod ends
  • Examine the knuckle joints and rubber cones - wear/aged
  • Check shock absorbers - if they're aged/in doubt then replace
  • Radius arms - check the pins, bushes & bearings, look for corrosion & wear
  • Check tyres - check the tyre pressures, & tread depth and condition of the side walls, including the spare tyre
  • Research the tyre laws for the country you are visiting (E.g UK 1.6m min whereas Germany is 3m min)
  • Check the time of your trip for tyre type required (E.g snow/winter tyres)
  • Make sure you have a towing eye fitted and  a relevant emergency tool kit
  • Ensure number plate has GB sign on it
  • Change bulbs

Rolling road tuning - for increased reliability & economy, ensure your Mini is running right!

Essentials For Your Mini Road Trip

We hope that this guide can give you an overview on prepping for a Mini Road Trip this summer! Don't forget, our team is available 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday to assist you with any questions you may have – or assistance you may need, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!