Brakes are a safety critical part of any vehicle, we recommend that fitting brake calipers & other brake parts should only be carried out by a professional mechanic.

Before you start, here's a list of what you'll need to hand:

• Dust mask

• Safety specs

• Gloves

• Jack

• Axle stand

• Wheel brace

• Torque wrench

• Hammer

• Screwdriver

• Pliers

• Assorted AF spanners and sockets

• Brake cleaner

• Brake Fluid

Torque wrench data:

• Drive flange bolts: 50Lb/Ft

• Drive flange screws: Hand tight

• Caliper bolts: 38Lb/Ft

• Front hub nut (Disc Brakes): 180Lb/Ft (single split pin hole), 155Lb/Ft (twin split pin hole)


• Apply the handbrake, jack the Mini up and stabilise on an axle stand or use a ramp if one is available

• Remove the road wheel, original caliper and disc assembly. • Remove master cylinder cap and place a cloth over the reservoir to prevent fluid spillage.

• Put a pipe clamp on the brake hose and remove the original caliper, clean the threads and fit the new caliper onto the hose with the new copper washer, suspend the caliper to prevent strain or twist on the hose.

• Fit the new discs to the drive flanges and make sure the mating surfaces are perfectly tight against each other.

• Fit the assembly onto the swivel hub and secure to the cv joint, ensure that the assembly spins without interference from the steering arm or the hub. Tighten the hub nut to the manufacturers recommended torque setting.

• Fit the calipers onto the hub with the bleed screw at the top. Check that the disc sits in the centre of the caliper and the brake pipe is straight (no kinks or twists).

• Fit the brake pads into the caliper and secure with the pad pins supplied.


• On 7.5” and 7.9” calipers, the inner pad has a corner machined off to allow the pad to sit correctly without fouling on the hub.

• For correct Caliper / Disc alignment it may be necessary to fit the provided spacer between the Caliper & Hub.

• Top up the brake fluid and proceed to bleed the brakes.

• Once all the air has been removed and the brake pedal travel has been restored, you can refit the road wheel, tighten the nuts and drop the Mini onto the ground - torque the wheel nuts to the manufactures torque setting.

• Top up the brake fluid and refit the cap.

• Test the pedal and the bake operation in a controlled and safe environment before driving on a public road.

If you have any questions or concerns whilst fitting any of our kits, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, we will be happy to assist you. Our team is available 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday. Contact us: | 01282 778731

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