Here at Mini Sport we understand the importance of a job done right. And that means, using the correct tools when working on your Mini!

As a result, this will ensure both your safety when working on the car and that you're doing the job correctly, ensuring your safety when behind the wheel of your Mini. Because having the best tools on-hand allows you to repair, restore or customise your Mini - regardless of the job at hand; whether it requires a few minutes of minor tweaks, right through to a major reconstruction or complete build, you need to have all the implements you need to get the job done, to the best standard.

This week for our 'Home Servicing' series, we tasked our experts to come up with a list of what they considered to be the basic tool kit. Therefore the following is what you would need to work on your Mini from your home garage...

Here's our 'top tools' for working on your Mini:

In short this comprehensive list should give you all the tools you need to perform basic servicing on your Mini from home. However those of you who are interested in undertaking more expert jobs or expanding your tool collection can view our complete range of tools here on our website.

If you're ever unsure of what tool would be needed for a particular job, or if you need any advice about your Mini, please don't hesitate to get in touch! Our friendly, knowledgeable team will help you 01282 778731 or