A Rare Find

When it comes to Classic Mini’s, barn finds are the holy grail. Anyone with a wallet and an eBay account can find the car of their dreams, but barn finds are a special kind of magic - the search for the perfect car, left untouched for years (maybe decades?!), abandoned, disregarded and neglected by a previous owner.  With barn finds, one thing remains constant: They make all the effort and painstaking hours of searching worthwhile.

1963 Mk1 Mini Super De Luxe

Marc Isaac was on a trip to buy a Mk1 Golf Gti, a jaunt that he regularly takes on the search for classic cars.  This time a surprise was in store, whilst closing the deal on the GTi, the garage in front of the car was opened, revealing the ’84 SHU’ number plate adorning a white Mini.  Attention was immediately diverted, with a quick as a flash ‘is this also for sale?’

Never one to beat around the bush, Marc sealed the deal and after sitting in a garage for nearly 43 years, the Mini saw the light of day again.  After some digging and research this piece of Mini history turns out to be an early 1963 Mk1 Mini Super De Luxe, in original condition, and totally original numbers, a truly Rare Find!

Now if you are looking for a Mini a special as this, you’re in luck!  Marc is now looking for the new owner, so if you want to be part of this Minis story, there’s still time, go on eBay, and place your bid!

Local lad Marc brought the Mini to us, to show us what he found!

The original engine is complete, with matching numbers!

A very rare super deluxe!