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  1. Applying Decals to Minis
    Categories: Mini Servicing

    Applying Decals to Minis

    Ever wished that you could replicate that iconic livery from your favourite rally Minis, or wished that you could express your (or rather your Minis) individuality through decals? Applying a Mini decal or livery to your Mini doesn’t have to be a daunting task – it is actually relatively easy, IF you approach it correctly! […]

  2. Mk1 Mini Rally Conversions Finished!
    Categories: Restoration Projects & Mini Sport News

    Mk1 Mini Rally Conversions Finished!

    Mk1 Mini Rally Conversions Finished! Mini Sport have totally transformed these 2 Mk1 Minis that joined us all the way from Belgium… This pair of Mk1 Minis arrived at Mini Sport back in February 2020 to be converted in to Rally Minis. Arriving as totally standard 850 Minis, this meant that we would be fitting a […]

  3. Be Inspired... Start Mini Motorsport!
    Categories: Mini Sport News & Mini Sport Cup

    Be Inspired... Start Mini Motorsport!

    General Preparation The team at Mini Sport have over 50 years experience in the servicing, tuning and preparation of Minis for all types of Competition use. There’s nothing that they don’t know about how to get the best out of your Mini within the regulations for the Mini Sport Cup. We even design, manufacture and […]

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