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  1. Cooper S Steel Wheels Reproduced to Genuine Spec by Mini Sport!
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    Cooper S Steel Wheels Reproduced to Genuine Spec by Mini Sport!

    Did you know that genuine specification 3.5″ Mini Cooper S Steel Wheels are available from Mini Sport? When the Mini Cooper S first came off the production line, they were fitted with 3.5″ x 10″ wheels as standard, the 4.5″ x 10″ wheels were a factory fitted option. Mini Sport have painstakingly reproduced the Cooper S Steel Wheels to original […]

  2. Understanding Classic Mini Tyres
    Categories: Mini Servicing

    Understanding Classic Mini Tyres

    Have you ever noticed that the tyres on your Mini have writing on the sidewall? Often a combination of numbers & letters, these identify your tyre size, type & performance features that probably won’t mean very much to the driver however, they are vital when purchasing a replacement tyre for your Mini. When looking to […]

  3. Swapping to 10" Mini Wheels
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    Swapping to 10" Mini Wheels

    This week on our ‘Home Servicing’ blog, we look at the options you have if you fancy converting your Mini on to 10″ Mini wheels, to look like an early Classic – if it doesn’t already! A simple guide to help you on the road to swapping your Mini onto 10″ wheels. A timeless classic […]

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