1. Warning Signs that your Mini Needs a Service
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    Warning Signs that your Mini Needs a Service

    You should be booking your Mini in for a service annually or every 12000 miles - whichever milestone you reach first. However did you know that your Mini can be giving you tell-tale indicators that it's in need of a service? Recognising these signs is the first step in preventing a much bigger issue with your Mini occurring! Why is...
  2. Mini Restoration Specialists!
    Categories: Restoration Projects & Mini Sport News

    Mini Restoration Specialists!

    Classic Mini Restoration Specialists The Mini is very much loved all around the world and the community that has grown up around this fantastic little car have some of the greatest people you are likely to meet. Mini Sport is very much a family run business, that grew from the love of Mini at its launch in 1959, to our...

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