1. Warning Signs that your Mini Needs a Service
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    Warning Signs that your Mini Needs a Service

    You should be booking your Mini in for a service annually or every 12000 miles - whichever milestone you reach first. However did you know that your Mini can be giving you tell-tale indicators that it's in need of a service? Recognising these signs is the first step in preventing a much bigger issue with your Mini occurring! Why is...
  2. Mini Road Trip Prep!
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    Mini Road Trip Prep!

    Summer is here! With many more people choosing to holiday in the UK this year ( Staycation ), road trips are on the rise... If you're planning on going on a Mini Road Trip, it's a good idea to just carry out a few simple checks on your car to ensure that you stay safe on those longer journeys! We've...
  3. Mini Warning Lights
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    Mini Warning Lights

    Warning lights in your Mini can be troubling, especially if you’re unsure what they mean! They are alerting you to an issue with your Mini – one that will need addressing, don’t hope that they will go away on their own. On this week’s blog, we are looking at the different warning lights that may appear in your Mini –...
  4. Top ‘Must Have’ Tools
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    Top ‘Must Have’ Tools

    Here at Mini Sport we understand the importance of a job done right. And that means, using the correct tools when working on your Mini! As a result, this will ensure both your safety when working on the car and that you're doing the job correctly, ensuring your safety when behind the wheel of your Mini. Because having the best...
  5. Improve Mini Handling
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    Improve Mini Handling

    Driving excitement is in the DNA! The best thing about a Mini is the way it drives - fun, go-kart handling with a cheeky quality which is impossible to duplicate in today's breed of cars. This helpful, simple guide will help keep your Mini's natural handling at its best, or act as a guide on how to improve it! 1...

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