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  1. Mini Tyres: Guide to Punctures
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    Mini Tyres: Guide to Punctures

    My Mini tyres is punctured, should I repair or replace the tyre? Punctures are extremely frustrating & sometimes dangerous if they happen when you’re travelling at speed. This week on the blog we’re looking at identifying a puncture on your Mini Tyres & advising you what to do next… I’ve got a puncture, can I […]

  2. Understanding Winter Tyres!
    Categories: Mini Servicing, Mini Sport News & Services at Mini Sport

    Understanding Winter Tyres!

    This year Mini Sport are stocking the Nankang SV-3 Winter Tyre, however we have limited stock and winter is fast approaching! The best of the British weather has been and gone and it is likely that the snow will be here soon, making the roads slippery and treacherous. The best and most cost effective way […]

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