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The look of the Mini is utterly timeless; evoking a sense of style that immediately takes you back in time, protecting its image is extremely important for any Mini owner. This is why we here at Mini Sport have created a comprehensive selection of Mini body trim parts and accessories for you to protect the look of your classic car, as well as to improve its functionality.


Mini Body Trim Parts


Whether you’re looking to repair, restore or completely customise your Mini, we have used our vast experience and contact base within the industry to create an extensive catalogue that will allow you to meet all of your requirements. In terms of Mini body trim parts, our range includes:


  • Body Fasteners – Need to replace a leather bonnet strap? Looking for new chrome boot springs? Perhaps you need some bonnet pin plates? Our range of high quality body fasteners can be used on all models of the classic Mini, and are particularly ideal for use in all forms of motorsport – including racing, rallying and hill climbing.
  • Mud Flaps – Regardless if you’re competing in motorsport or using your Mini as an everyday runner, the importance of well-functioning mud flaps to protect anyone (or anything) in the immediate vicinity from debris torn up by your tyres, cannot be overlooked. Our range of Mini mud flaps contains a number of hardwearing products, ideal for all models of the classic Mini.
  • Roof Gutter Trim – We stock a number of Mini roof gutter trims, including genuine and OE spec gutter trim finishers and finisher clips, available in black or grey.
  • Seam Cover Strips – Our selection of Mini seam cover strips can be fitted to all models and ages of the Mini, right from the MK1 through to MK5.
  • Stainless Body Trim – Fit your seam mouldings and door window surrounds with our range of stainless trim and finisher clips. Available for every model of the classic Mini,


  • Wheel Arch Trim – Need to improve the condition of your wheel arch? Our Mini body trim collection contains a full range of wheel trim arches in black or chrome, as well as a number of sill moulding strips, wheel arch rubber seals and studs.


Choose Mini Sport For Your All Of Your Mini Requirements


Please feel free to browse our range of Mini body trim parts and accessories, and click on each product to view further information. If you have any additional questions you’d like to ask about any aspect of our service or just need some advice on Mini servicing in general, we would be delighted to hear from you. Give us a call on 01282 778731 or you can send an e-mail to us at


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  1. Sportspack Wheel Arch Bolt
    Special Price £0.42 £0.35 Regular Price £0.59
  2. Black Rubber Sill Moulding Strip 1990 on
    Special Price £7.37 £6.14 Regular Price £8.78
  3. Cooper Stainless Door Sill Edgings
    Special Price £30.00 £25.00 Regular Price £39.00
  4. Mudflaps Rear Pair - MINI
    Special Price £38.76 £32.30 Regular Price £41.87
  5. Seam Finisher Clip each
    Special Price £0.48 £0.40 Regular Price £0.67
  6. Seam Cover Strip Rear RH - all models
    Special Price £13.32 £11.10 Regular Price £13.85
  7. Seam Cover Rear Corner Van/Traveller
    Special Price £11.27 £9.39 Regular Price £11.62
  8. Genuine Seam Cover Strip Rear RH - all models
    Special Price £21.04 £17.53 Regular Price £21.61
  9. Genuine Seam Cover Strip Rear LH - all models
    Special Price £21.04 £17.53 Regular Price £21.61
  10. Rivet SET- Upper Door Moulding - Mini Mk1-2
    Special Price £17.28 £14.40 Regular Price £21.12
  11. Moulding Strip - for Fibre Glass Wheel Arch
    Special Price £1.84 £1.53 Regular Price £2.08
  12. Genuine Roof Finisher Clip - Black
    Special Price £7.66 £6.38 Regular Price £8.51

Items 1-12 of 52

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