Clutch Arms & Plungers

Explore the Mini Sport Clutch Arms and Plungers department for all parts and vital components needed for clutch replacement – including Verto Clutch Systems and Pre Verto Clutch Systems.

For Classic Minis issued between 1959 – 1982 we supply the following components as part of the Pre Verto Clutch type system: Mini Clutch Arm Push Rod, Clutch Plunger Lock Nut, Clutch Arm to Pushrod Clevis Pin, Clutch Plunger Stop Nut, Clutch Arm Return Spring and Long Clutch Arm. Clutch Release plunger.

We also supply a series of parts for Classic Minis issued 1982 -2001 with Verto Clutch Systems, these include: Clutch Arm Clevis Pin, Slave Cylinder Mounting Bracket, Clutch Release Bearing Plunger, Short Clutch Arm, Clutch Arm Adjustment Screw Lock Nut

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