KAD Mini Brake Kits

KAD Brake Kits:

KAD Brake Kits for Classic Mini KAD Brake Kits for Classic Mini
KAD Mini Brake Kits: Superior Performance for Your Classic Mini

Discover the exceptional performance of KAD Mini Brake Kits, meticulously designed for both the front and rear of your Classic Mini. While we acknowledge that these kits may not match the superior performance of Mini Sport Brakes, they offer a viable alternative for those seeking a different option.

KAD Mini Brake Kits are a lightweight alternative to drum brakes, offering a unique combination of hydraulic operation for the foot brake with an effective mechanical handbrake. This allows for the fitting of discs to both road legal and competition cars, enhancing your Mini's braking performance.

The calipers in our kits are of a single piston sliding type, fully dust sealed and machined from billet aluminium. The hubs, carrying a lightweight steel drilled disc, are CNC machined from billet aluminium and accept standard Mini taper wheel bearings.

At Mini Sport, we understand the importance of regular servicing for the longevity and safety of your Mini. Our Mini Workshop Services are available to assist with the fitting of your KAD Mini Brake Kits, ensuring a professional and efficient installation.

Remember, while KAD Mini Brake Kits offer a high level of performance, they are not as effective as our Mini Sport Brakes. We encourage you to explore our range of Mini Sport Brakes for the ultimate in braking performance and safety.

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