Heater Cables

Classic Mini Heater Cables

Have you noticed that your classic Mini is too warm in the summer/too cold in the winter? 

Helping to regulate the warm and cool air inside of the vehicle, fully functioning Mini heater cables are a vital part of the classic car’s temperature control system. With comfort being a major feature of any driving experience, you shouldn’t have to put up with uncomfortable temperatures. This is why here at Mini Sport, we have a full range of heater cables for all years and models of the classic Mini.

Classic Mini Heater Cables

Heater cables provide the link between the vehicle’s heater to the dashboard, allowing for you to adjust the temperature to your preferred setting. The flaps of the heater open and close in order to regulate the amount of warm and cool air that enters the inside of the car – if that connection between the dash and the heater doesn’t function, the control is lost. If you find that you’re no longer getting the temperatures you’re accustomed to, the issue may likely be worn-out Mini heater cables. 

In order to treat any issues that you may find with your Mini’s heater, we have arranged a complete range of parts that can help to get it working back to its best. Our range includes heater cables for all models of the Mini – from a 1959 Mk1 to the last 2001 MPI, as well as accessories to fit them to the heating system, including clips for cable-to-heater valves and rubber grommets that provided protection and insulation to the cable (also can be used on a choke cable too).

These replacement heater cables for the Mini are just a small part of our huge range of cooling and heating components that we have available here at Mini Sport – we have a wide range of Mini fan belts, thermostats, water pumps and radiators, etc. Why not browse around for great value parts and spares for all iterations of the classic Mini?

Choose Mini Sport For High Quality Mini Parts

When it comes to sourcing the right parts that will help you to repair or to restore your Mini back to its best, the team here at Mini Sport can help. Having been trading Mini parts and spares since its 1960’s heyday, we have built up a unique knowledge and understanding of this timeless vehicle, creating relationships with some of the best manufacturers of original specification parts. As such, we are able to offer Mini heater cables that will help you to create that ideal in-car environment, catering for a comfortable, authentic Mini driving experience. 

If you have any additional questions about anything you may see on our website or need any advice or tips on Mini servicing in general, we would be pleased to hear from you. Give our classic Mini specialists a call on 01282 778731 or e-mail sales@minisport.com


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