Mini Sport 'R' Range Brake Kits Mini Sport 'R' Range Brake Kits

Design & Innovation to meet the most demanding needs.
Setting the benchmark even higher with the R Division Range, bringing the proud motorsport history that is part of the Mini Sport DNA, into the present.
Mini Sport Sponsered Aaron Smith's Mini Miglia Mini Sport Sponsered Aaron Smith's Mini Miglia

R Range Brake Kits For The Classic Mini
Using our knowledge gained from the WRC and other top-level motorsport, we have constructed a braking kit designed to make the driving of a Mini feel lighter, yet stronger and safer.
One major advantage is the weight saving that can be made by using our R Range brake kits. The common Mini 8.4" brakes weigh 16.52kg, whereas the famed 7.5" Cooper S brakes clock in at 13.56kg – our Monoblock kit weighs just 10.06kg, that’s over a 6 kilo saving on the average Mini braking system.
The rigid, 4-piston aluminium Monoblock calipers have been engineered without compromise – delivering undiluted feedback with exceptional consistency to withstand extremely high braking forces.
Also heavily contributing to our braking kit’s high performance at the minimum weight, is the rotor and bell assembly. Thanks to their two-piece construction and expert engineering, the lightweight assembly drivers deliver greater acceleration, braking and handling – whilst heat is controlled in the most extreme conditions.
Mini Sport R Range Brake Kit Mini Sport R Range Brake Kit

To summarise, our R range Mini brake kit includes:

  • 2x Monoblock Calipers. 2x Vented Rotors.
  • 2x Aluminium Bells.
  • 2x Aluminium Drive Flange.
  • 2x Aeroquip Brake Hoses.
  • Set of bespoke brake pads (choose either ‘fast road’ or ‘competition specification’ brake pads). Mounting kit. .

Mini Sport R Range Driveshafts
As they’re responsible for delivering the power of the engine through the transmission and onto the wheels, having high-quality driveshafts is an important factor in a high-performance classic Mini braking system. Alongside our R Range brake kits, we’ve used our experience of top-level rallying to design unique ‘R Range’ driveshafts; combining the design with aerospace materials to deliver the ultimate in strength, fatigue resistance and weight.
Available in either Hardy Spicer or Pot Joint fitment, these driveshafts are the supreme choice for anyone with serious intentions of competing with their Classic Mini.
Paddy Hopkirk at Monte Carlo Rally 1964 Paddy Hopkirk at Monte Carlo Rally 1964

'R' Range Caliper Fitted on the Mini Sport Sponsered, Aaron Smith's Mini Miglia. 'R' Range Caliper Fitted on the Mini Sport Sponsered, Aaron Smith's Mini Miglia.
Mini Sport R Division: Innovating Race, Rally and Restoration
Our R Range brake kits and driveshafts represent just the start of a brand new department here at Mini Sport. Standing for ‘Race, Rally and Restoration’, the philosophy behind our new ‘R Division’ is to create unique products that combine the history of classic Mini parts, with the benefits of ultra-modern technology – breathing new life into the driving experience of the Mini’s we know and love, regardless if it’s on the road, track or rally course.
The technologies we use (such as CNC machines and 3-D scanners/printers) are the pinnacle of what’s available – this same tech is used to design parts for Formula 1 cars, as well as in aerospace engineering. With the Mini Sport DNA geared towards continued improvement, the parts we create are designed with the Mini’s performance, safety and longevity in mind – continuing the innovative nature of this 60-year old car brand that still to this day, continues to pick up new generations of enthusiasts.

Mini Sport quality parts you can trust Mini Sport quality parts you can trust
We’ll be introducing more exciting parts to our R Division very soon – why not keep up to date with the latest developments by giving us a ‘like’ on our Facebook page? A One-Stop Shop For All of Your Classic Mini Parts Ever since the heyday of the (now-named!) ‘classic Mini’, the Mini Sport team have been providing fellow enthusiasts with all of the parts and spares they need to realise their ideal ride. Starting from a kitchen in East Lancashire, we have since grown to encompass a world-leading service in the supply, design and construction of automotive parts – keeping the spirit of the classic Mini alive.
Regardless if you need to repair, replace or modify aspects of your Mini, we have all of experience, industry and engineering knowhow to help you through your Mini servicing journey – so why not get in touch with us if you have any questions?
You can speak to us directly by calling 01282 778731 or you can reach us by e-mail at