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Fuel Saving Tips for Your Mini

10 Fuel Saving Tips for Your Mini!

With fuel prices rapidly rising across the globe, the cost of running your car is increasing. With growing concerns that the cost of petrol may surpass £2 a litre this year, drivers are looking for ways to save on fuel costs... Good news, this is where your Mini comes in... […]
MINI Recharged & Paul Smith

MINI Recharged & Paul Smith Launch

The customised car is part of the MINI Recharged project, which celebrates the fusion of tradition with pioneering technology, by installing an electric motor in the original model. We are excited to be part of Recharged Heritage Limited and MINI Recharged. For more details visit...[…]
Passing of a Champion

Passing of a Champion

Paddy was a fantastic friend to all of us here at Mini Sport, but so much more than that, he was a part of our Mini family. We would like to extend a special thank you to Paddy for everything that he has done throughout his illustrious career, both for Mini Sport & the Mini itself…[…]

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Whether you’re a classic car fan, a racing enthusiast or are simply looking to keep the spirit of the Mini alive by providing yourself with an economical ride, our product range will help you to repair, upgrade, even to create your very own Mini.
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