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  1. Mini Car Cover - Black
    Special Price £58.80 £49.00 Regular Price £72.38
  2. Stage 1 Tuning Kit - 850/998/1098/1275 - HS4 Carb
    Special Price £211.93 £176.61 Regular Price £241.93
  3. Burr Walnut 2 Clock - LHD Dash + 3 extra
    Special Price £153.77 £128.14 Regular Price £174.18
  4. GAZ Adjustable Shock Absorbers Set 4
    Special Price £187.70 £156.42 Regular Price £203.23
  5. 6 x 10" Ultralite Mini Deep Dish Wheel - Flat Gunmetal
    Special Price £54.65 £45.54 Regular Price £61.20
  6. Works Minis In Detail Book
    Special Price £55.00 £55.00 Regular Price £65.00
  7. 5 x 12" Ultralite Mini Wheel - Anthracite
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  8. Mini Outdoor Car Cover - Grey
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For over 50 years, we have maintained a high-class service, supplying parts and spares to a wide array of customers around the world. Whether you’re looking to repair your Mini, to customise it or even to build your very own from scratch, you can feel rest assured that we are able to supply whatever you need.
High-Quality Mini Specialists

Mini Sport High-Quality

Mini Specialists

The mini is a true British icon; its invention was as a response to the Suez Crisis and subsequent fuel rationing of the late-1950s. The Mini quickly grew in popularity during the ‘Swinging Sixties’ when British culture was rich in art, music and fashion. As the vehicle that got anyone who was anyone around, the Mini was at the heart of this cultural revolution.

But that’s only half the story, of course – the unvarying popularity of the Mini throughout the last five decades has been its ability to offer a fun, exciting driving experience. The innovative design allows for a front wheel drive and a transversely mounted engine, which in turn enables a relatively decent engine to be fitted into such a small car. This ‘bigger on the inside’ quality was also reflected with the interior; the clever design of the Mini to comfortably fit in 4 people in a 10ft-long, 4ft-wide frame astounded many during its early days.

Despite its mass production days being well and truly behind it, the love for the classic Mini have never waned. This is why we at Mini Sport are delighted to be able to offer a complete service when it comes to providing spares and parts. As Mini specialists, we ensure that all the products that we retail are rigorously tested, providing you with the satisfaction in knowing that you will receive true value for money.

An Extensive Range

of Mini Parts and Spares

Ever since our opening week of trade back in 1967, the dedicated team here at Mini Sport have maintained the same ‘high-quality products, at the right prices’ ethos that makes up the DNA of our business. One of the best aspects about this special little vehicle that we love is its ability to provide cost-effective value to their owners – something that we are determined to reflect in the parts and spares that we retail.

Our extensive product range has been specifically designed to maintain the prestige and history of the Mini, yet be distinctive enough to allow you to bestow your own personality in creating your very own. Whether you want to make a stylish statement with the addition of luxury, retro accessories, to refine the traditional look of the interior/exterior – or even to tap into the Mini’s natural racing ability, our range of sporty trimmings and performance enchantments will help to bring your Mini to the standards that you should be expecting. Why not take a look around our website to find your ideal parts and spares?

An Extensive Range of Mini Parts and Spares

Browse Our Mini Parts Website

Whether you’re a classic car fan, a racing enthusiast or are simply looking to keep the spirit of the Mini alive by providing yourself with an economical ride, our product range will help you to repair, upgrade, even to create your very own Mini.
Mechanical Parts
Mechanical Parts Category

Mechanical Parts

If you’re looking for Mini brake parts, electrical and lighting spares, engine components, any tools you may need (or in fact, any other component imaginable) we have an extensive selection of mechanical parts that will get your Mini up-and-running.

Interior Trim
Interior Trim Category

Interior Trim

Need to replace your Mini seatbelts? Looking to improve your dashboard? Want new seating installed? Amongst our interior trim range, we will have anything and everything for you to customise the inside of your Mini.

Tuning & Styling
Tuning & Styling Category

Tuning & Styling

If you are indeed looking to place your own unique customisation on your vehicle, then our range of parts and spares can help you give your car a tune up and style. Whether you’re looking to replace wheels, their arches or the tyres that help them to run, air filters to keep debris away from the engine, or even a roll cage if you’re particularly into your Mini racing; we will have something that will help you to achieve your ideal design.

Body & Panels
Body & Panels Category

Body & Panels

The iconic image of the Mini is summed up by its unique look; as Mini specialists, we have a wide range of customisable body and panel parts that will help you to create your perfect Mini. Whether you need anything from a spare Mini badge to floor and roof panels, right through to a complete (and genuine) Mini body shell from various models, our range will have whatever you need.

Parts Selector
Parts Selector

Parts Selector

Our part selector breaks down each part that you need, in order for you to put together your ideal Mini. Simply select the parts that you’re looking for on our handy diagram and our guide will give you an extensive lowdown on the items that you need/are available.

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