Concours Carpet Set NAVY BLUE for RHD Mini Saloon

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Bestow your RHD Mini Saloon with a stately look using our Concours Carpet Set in NAVY BLUE. Crafted for elegance, this top-tier tufted carpet set merges timeless style with the dignified charm of classic Minis.


The Concours Carpet Set in NAVY BLUE is a distinguished choice for the RHD Mini Saloon owner who appreciates a blend of aristocratic flair and impeccable quality. These premium tufted carpets, specifically designed for the classic Mini interior, pay homage to the vehicle’s rich British heritage while providing a modern touch of luxury.

Painstakingly tailored for a perfect fit, this carpet set is compatible with 1960s Cooper models and all Mini Saloons from 1973 onwards. The plush navy blue fibres are cut to precision, with bound edges that ensure a sophisticated finish and long-lasting durability.

For Mini enthusiasts who seek customisation, our NAVY BLUE set is just the beginning. We offer a bespoke service with a variety of special colours available upon request, ensuring that your Mini’s interior matches your unique vision. Please contact our sales team for more details.

Produced by the iconic British Motor Heritage, these carpets are a testament to the legacy of British motoring. Each set is manufactured in the UK, following the original patterns used during the Mini's heyday, to capture the authentic look and feel of the era.

Complementing the carpet set, our Heritage Tailored Trims add the final touches to your Mini's restoration. From soundproofing under-felt kits to dashboard liners, every accessory is crafted to enhance your driving experience. Our sales team are ready to help.

Invest in the Concours Carpet Set in NAVY BLUE, and take the first step towards a beautifully restored Mini Saloon interior that exudes sophistication, comfort, and a timeless sense of style.

This 8 piece carpet set is of better quality than the budget set in that the pile of the carpet is bigger and thicker.

Also it has a superior rubber backing for anti-slip and is bound on the front and rear edges.

Comes complete with two heel mats bound to the carpet.

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