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  1. Cooper 500 S Demonstrator
    Categories: Mini Sport News

    Cooper 500 S Demonstrator

    Let us introduce you to the Mini Sport, Cooper 500 S demonstrator! Homed at Mini Sport, the Cooper 500 model has gained recognition as one of the final models built by Rover before production ceased in 2000. It has been suggested that the classic shape and styling of the Cooper 500 encapsulated the iconic character of the 60’s mini with...

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  2. The Return of the Mini Sport Cup!
    Categories: Mini Sport Cup

    The Return of the Mini Sport Cup!

    With the roadmap out of lockdown officially underway, and restrictions easing slowly but surely, it's allowing us to look forward to the Summer! Hopeful that we will soon be reunited with our loved ones, enjoying the warmer weather and getting back to our favourite hobbies & past times... Which means RALLYING! We long for the invigorating thrill that slamming the...
  3. Swapping to 10" Mini Wheels
    Categories: Mini Servicing

    Swapping to 10" Mini Wheels

    This week on our 'Home Servicing' blog, we look at the options you have if you fancy converting your Mini on to 10" Mini wheels, to look like an early Classic - if it doesn't already! A simple guide to help you on the road to swapping your Mini onto 10" wheels. A timeless classic which breaks through the mould...
  4. Completed: John Cooper Works Mini Cooper S Restoration
    Categories: Restoration Projects

    Completed: John Cooper Works Mini Cooper S Restoration

      Check our finished restoration on Alex Munday's 1996 John Cooper Works Mini Cooper S! We have once again saved the day, keeping another Mini on our roads, and Alex couldn't be happier as he shared with us the warming story behind this Mini's time with us here at Mini Sport: Alex Munday is all smiles as he comes face-to-face for the first...
  5. Detailing Your Mini!
    Categories: Mini Servicing & Services at Mini Sport

    Detailing Your Mini!

    Our next blog on ‘Home Servicing’ can be undertaken by ANYONE, no matter your level of Mini expertise! Admittedly many of the Mini shows have been pushed back later the Summer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your Mini concourse ready by washing and polishing your Mini – all it takes is a decent detailing kit, and a little...
  6. Categories: Uncategorized, Restoration Projects & Mini Sport News

    From Zero-to-Hero: Mini Cooper S Restoration

    Back in March 2016, we were tasked with a restoration on quite a special Mini indeed... Alex Munday's 1996 John Cooper Works Mini Cooper S, an original from the John Cooper Garages, production number 79, and allegedly previously owned by British rally driver, Alistair McRae! When following his life-long love of Mini's Alex purchased this Cooper for family adventures, it came as a...
  7. 50 Years of Mini Sport
    Categories: Mini Sport News

    50 Years of Mini Sport

    The seeds of what would become Mini Sport were sown not long after the Mini itself was launched, when in 1961 Brian Harper – at the time working in the family bus and truck business – acquired a brand new Tartan Red Mini 850. After using the Mini for everything from commuting to hill climbing and rallying, Brian realised the car’s...
  8. Mini Cooper 500 gets John Cooper Conversion!
    Categories: Mini Sport News & Services at Mini Sport

    Mini Cooper 500 gets John Cooper Conversion!

      Our next project is getting underway here at Mini Sport this week as we have been joined by one of the last ever Mini Cooper 500's! Having only purchased his Mini Cooper this week, our very excited customer is already going all out to get this beauty ready for Summer! Thinking ahead to the lifting of lockdown and all...
  9. Top ‘Must Have’ Tools
    Categories: Mini Servicing

    Top ‘Must Have’ Tools

    Here at Mini Sport we understand the importance of a job done right. And that means, using the correct tools when working on your Mini! As a result, this will ensure both your safety when working on the car and that you're doing the job correctly, ensuring your safety when behind the wheel of your Mini. Because having the best...
  10. How To: Adjust or Replace Ball Joints
    Categories: Mini Servicing

    How To: Adjust or Replace Ball Joints

    This blog has been put together to advise you on the steps to take to adjust or replace your Mini's Ball Joints. With the front of the Mini jacked up and stabilised with axle stands under the subframe Remove the road wheel Loosen the ball joint nut (do not completely remove) Loosen the ball joint from the suspension arm with...

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