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  1. Mini Road Trip Prep!
    Categories: Mini Servicing

    Mini Road Trip Prep!

    Summer is here! With many more people choosing to holiday in the UK this year ( Staycation ), road trips are on the rise... If you're planning on going on a Mini Road Trip, it's a good idea to just carry out a few simple checks on your car to ensure that you stay safe on those longer journeys! We've...

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  2. Fitting a Stage 1 Tuning Kit
    Categories: Mini Servicing

    Fitting a Stage 1 Tuning Kit

    Our experts at Mini Sport have put together this handy guide for you, on how to fit a Stage 1 Tuning Kit to your Mini! Your Mini Stage 1 Tuning Kit includes the following:- 1 x LCB Exhaust Manifold and Clamps 1 x Superflow Exhaust System 1 x Alloy Water Heated Inlet Manifold 1 x Performance Air Filter 1 x...
  3. What Can Mini Sport Do For You?
    Categories: Mini Sport News

    What Can Mini Sport Do For You?

    They say that mighty oaks from little acorns grow; this is something that the history of Mini Sport very much encapsulates. After being founded during the Mini’s 1960’s heyday to give an enthusiast the means to rid the home of spare parts, the company has grown to become a world-leading name in ‘everything classic Mini’. Mini Parts Ever since our opening week of...
  4. Mechanics Mini Jargon - What it Means
    Categories: Mini Servicing

    Mechanics Mini Jargon - What it Means

    Taking your Mini to the garage can be a daunting thought, especially if you're unfamiliar with the terminology that the mechanic is likely to use when referring to the parts (or problems) on your Mini! On this weeks blog, we take a look at just a few of the terms you're likely to hear & what they mean... Big end...
  5. Understanding Classic Mini Tyres
    Categories: Mini Servicing

    Understanding Classic Mini Tyres

    Have you ever noticed that the tyres on your Mini have writing on the sidewall? Often a combination of numbers & letters, these identify your tyre size, type & performance features that probably won't mean very much to the driver however, they are vital when purchasing a replacement tyre for your Mini. When looking to replace your Mini tyres, you...
  6. Mini Sport Cup 2021 Round 1: Brawdy Stages Rally
    Categories: Mini Sport Cup

    Mini Sport Cup 2021 Round 1: Brawdy Stages Rally

    Over 16 months with no rallying, the Mini Sport Cup returned for 2021, with the Covid-breakout 1st round - JD Competition Tyres Bob Shaw Memorial Brawdy Stages Rally this weekend! Covering 8 Miles of smooth yet erosive surfaces for each run, our crews had 6 Stages to complete. As one of the few rallies that had the green light from...
  7. Mini Clutch Issues - Troubleshooting!
    Categories: Mini Servicing

    Mini Clutch Issues - Troubleshooting!

    This week on the blog we're letting you know about some quick checks you can perform on your Mini to check your clutch is performing as it should be! Before you begin, you need to know if the clutch in your Mini is pre-verto or verto... If you have a short clutch arm, around 3 or 4", then you have...
  8. 10 Fun Facts About Mini!
    Categories: Mini Sport News

    10 Fun Facts About Mini!

    Over 60 years since the launch of Britain's favourite little car, it's as popular today as ever. But how much do you know about the Mini & it's origins? We've compiled a list of '10 fun facts' about the Mini to put your knowledge to the test! Check them out below: 1. The Mk1 didn't have a radio... This was...
  9. Mini Sport Opens Wiring Loom Department!
    Categories: Mini Sport News

    Mini Sport Opens Wiring Loom Department!

    Here at Mini Sport we are constantly striving to develop ourselves to become bigger & better – something we also want to do for the Mini. We invest both time & money in to finding new & unique ways, parts upgrades & improvements that can help keep your Mini on the road. Giving a Classic car the safety & reliability...
  10. Mk1 Mini Rally Conversions Finished!
    Categories: Restoration Projects & Mini Sport News

    Mk1 Mini Rally Conversions Finished!

    Mk1 Mini Rally Conversions Finished! Mini Sport have totally transformed these 2 Mk1 Minis that joined us all the way from Belgium… This pair of Mk1 Minis arrived at Mini Sport back in February 2020 to be converted in to Rally Minis. Arriving as totally standard 850 Minis, this meant that we would be fitting a whole host of competition parts...

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