October 2020

  1. Be Inspired... Start Mini Motorsport!
    Categories: Mini Sport News & Mini Sport Cup

    Be Inspired... Start Mini Motorsport!

    General Preparation The team at Mini Sport have over 50 years experience in the servicing, tuning and preparation of Minis for all types of Competition use. There’s nothing that they don’t know about how to get the best out of your Mini within the regulations for the Mini Sport Cup. We even design, manufacture and […]

  2. Classic Mini Buying Guide!
    Categories: Mini Servicing, Mini Sport News & Services at Mini Sport

    Classic Mini Buying Guide!

    The Classic Mini – everyone’s favourite little car, is just as popular today as ever. From celebrities to students, there is no real limit to Mini ownership. Notoriously fun to drive, easy to look after, low running costs & a vast social scene – more & more people are looking in to buying a Mini […]

  3. How To Fit Front Suspension Cones
    Categories: Mini Servicing & Services at Mini Sport

    How To Fit Front Suspension Cones

    Are you contemplating fitting a set of Moulton Smootha Ride Front Suspension Cones to your Classic Mini? We understand that many Mini enthusiasts take on this task themselves, and it can be quite a frustrating job. That's why we've decided to provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to fit a front Suspension Cone. [...]
  4. Servicing your Mini's Suspension
    Categories: Mini Servicing & Services at Mini Sport

    Servicing your Mini's Suspension

    This week for our ‘Home Servicing’ series, we’re talking you through servicing your Mini’s Suspension! On the following blog, we’ll tell you what you need and how to do it! Tools required :- Wheel brace Wheel alignment tool Torque wrench Suspension compression tool Assorted AF spanners and sockets Hammer Screwdrivers Ball joint splitter Grease gun […]

  5. What's that noise?
    Categories: Mini Servicing & Services at Mini Sport

    What's that noise?

    This week on the blog we’ve decided to approach an issue that plagues so many of us at one point or another… A mysterious sound coming from your Mini! Where is it coming from? What is causing that? How do I stop it? Well, in the following blog we hope we can address a couple […]

  6. Trevor Roberts 1932 - 2020
    Categories: Restoration Projects & Mini Sport News

    Trevor Roberts 1932 - 2020

    Last month we said goodbye to a very dear friend of ours, Trevor Roberts. Trevor has been a part of Mini Sport from very the beginning, being friends with Brian & Heather before they were married – but so much more than just a friend, Trevor is very much part of the Harper family, even […]

  7. Mini Sport, Cooper Car Company & Paddy Hopkirk 4 Pot Brake Caliper Kits Fitting Help & Advice
    Categories: Mini Servicing & Mini Sport News

    Mini Sport, Cooper Car Company & Paddy Hopkirk 4 Pot Brake Caliper Kits Fitting Help & Advice

    Brakes are a safety critical part of any vehicle, we recommend that fitting brake calipers & other brake parts should only be carried out by a professional mechanic. Before you start, here’s a list of what you’ll need to hand: • Dust mask • Safety specs • Gloves • Jack • Axle stand • Wheel […]

  8. Drive with Paddy Hopkirk Book
    Categories: Paddy Hopkirk MBE & Articles

    Drive with Paddy Hopkirk Book

    Following a tremendous career in the world of motorsport, as the man who put the Mini on the map with his iconic Monte win back in ’64, Paddy has been in the public eye ever since. He served as the president of the BRDC for many years, is currently an ambassador for MINI & IAM […]

  9. Mk1 Barn Find!
    Categories: Mini Sport News

    Mk1 Barn Find!

    A Rare Find When it comes to Classic Mini’s, barn finds are the holy grail. Anyone with a wallet and an eBay account can find the car of their dreams, but barn finds are a special kind of magic – the search for the perfect car, left untouched for years (maybe decades?!), abandoned, disregarded and […]

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