March 2021

  1. Detailing Your Mini!
    Categories: Mini Servicing & Services at Mini Sport

    Detailing Your Mini!

    Our next blog on ‘Home Servicing’ can be undertaken by ANYONE, no matter your level of Mini expertise! Admittedly many of the Mini shows have been pushed back later the Summer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your Mini concourse ready by washing and polishing your Mini – all it takes is a decent detailing kit, and a little...
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    From Zero-to-Hero: Mini Cooper S Restoration

    Back in March 2016, we were tasked with a restoration on quite a special Mini indeed... Alex Munday's 1996 John Cooper Works Mini Cooper S, an original from the John Cooper Garages, production number 79, and allegedly previously owned by British rally driver, Alistair McRae! When following his life-long love of Mini's Alex purchased this Cooper for family adventures, it came as a...
  3. 50 Years of Mini Sport
    Categories: Mini Sport News

    50 Years of Mini Sport

    The seeds of what would become Mini Sport were sown not long after the Mini itself was launched, when in 1961 Brian Harper – at the time working in the family bus and truck business – acquired a brand new Tartan Red Mini 850. After using the Mini for everything from commuting to hill climbing and rallying, Brian realised the car’s...
  4. Mini Cooper 500 gets John Cooper Conversion!
    Categories: Mini Sport News & Services at Mini Sport

    Mini Cooper 500 gets John Cooper Conversion!

      Our next project is getting underway here at Mini Sport this week... We are joined by one of the last ever Mini Cooper 500's! A new purchase to Alex, only collecting his Mini Cooper this week, no time is being wasted! Our very excited customer is already going all out to get this beauty ready for Summer! Thinking ahead...

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