May 2021

  1. What Happens When You Don't Change the Engine Oil in Your Mini?
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    What Happens When You Don't Change the Engine Oil in Your Mini?

    Changing the oil in your Mini is a relatively easy job to do, but what happens if you don’t stay on top of it? This week’s blog takes a look at the issues you can face & also talks you through how to do it yourself! Changing the oil & filter in your Mini helps […]

  2. Engineering Timelines: Dr Alex Moulton
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    Engineering Timelines: Dr Alex Moulton

    Alex Moulton: A biographical summary Born  9th April 1920, Rother Place, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, UK Died  9th December 2012, Bath, UK Buried  Christ Church, Bradford-upon-Avon, UK Era  Modern Mechanical engineer Dr Alexander Eric ‘Alex’ Moulton is the man behind the revolutionary small-wheeled lightweight Moulton Bicycle, models of which are still in production, more than 50 years after the initial development work. A specialist in the […]

  3. Mini Sport Showroom Temporarily Closed
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    Mini Sport Showroom Temporarily Closed

    Mini Sport Showroom Still Temporarily Closed We are sorry to advise that our Mini Sport showroom remains closed. This is due to the changes that we had to make to our building during the Covid-19 Lockdown, in order to keep our staff safe whilst processing your orders. Unfortunately we will have to keep things as […]

  4. Checking & Replacing Mini Brightwork!
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    Checking & Replacing Mini Brightwork!

    This week on our 'Home Servicing' blog, we decided to have a look at Mini brightwork. Often seen as a 'finishing touch', the brightwork completes your Mini, so it's time to take a look at these parts and have your Mini in tip top condition and looking it's best, for driving when lockdown is over! [...]
  5. Paddy Hopkirk and The Mini That Won The Monte Carlo Rally
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    Paddy Hopkirk and The Mini That Won The Monte Carlo Rally

    They said that ‘it couldn’t be done’ – the little, economical car winning on one of the most difficult rally courses in the world. But it was done – 57 years ago, Paddy Hopkirk piloted his modified Mini Cooper through the slush and snow of the Alps; coming through the precarious ‘night of the long […]

  6. Mini Sport – A Community of Mini Specialists
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    Mini Sport – A Community of Mini Specialists

    Without a doubt, one of the reasons why the Mini has remained such an icon of British motoring innovation is thanks to the community of like-minded enthusiasts it has promoted. Whether it’s the trade of new and used parts, attending events, competing in races or reminiscing about Mini adventures of the past – anyone who […]

  7. Mini Warning Lights
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    Mini Warning Lights

    Warning lights in your Mini can be troubling, especially if you’re unsure what they mean! They are alerting you to an issue with your Mini – one that will need addressing, don’t hope that they will go away on their own. On this week’s blog, we are looking at the different warning lights that may […]

  8. Cooper 500 S Demonstrator
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    Cooper 500 S Demonstrator

    Let us introduce you to the Mini Sport, Cooper 500 S demonstrator! Homed at Mini Sport, the Cooper 500 model has gained recognition as one of the final models built by Rover before production ceased in 2000. It has been suggested that the classic shape and styling of the Cooper 500 encapsulated the iconic character […]

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