Let us introduce you to the Mini Sport, Cooper 500 S demonstrator!

Homed at Mini Sport, the Cooper 500 model has gained recognition as one of the final models built by Rover before production ceased in 2000. It has been suggested that the classic shape and styling of the Cooper 500 encapsulated the iconic character of the 60’s mini with contemporary edges in the interior and wheel design, which brought about the modern twist – relevant to the cars birth era.

Cooper 500 S Demonstrator Mini


Above: Cooper 500 S demonstrator homed at Mini Sport, Padiham

Working closely with the Cooper Car Company as the UK agent for the nostalgic car part and accessory brand, the decision was made to fully convert the 500 with a John Cooper 1275 tuning kit and an exciting range of Cooper parts and accessories, adapted from the unique specifications of the original Cooper brand to improve performance and re-establish the nostalgic styling of Cooper in it’s golden age.

Converted by our in-house specialists this project has been a continuous enterprise over the last couple of months with progress, power and economy monitored through the Maha Rolling Road. The Rolling Road is undoubtedly an unparalleled tool, which measures variable, attributes in the car, diagnosing engine, wheel and drag outputs to determine maximum torque and power.

Mini Cooper Rolling Road



Above: Cooper 500 'Power Run' on the Maha Rolling Road. 

John Cooper conversions are renowned across the world for quality and reliability. At Mini Sport we stock a full range of retro Cooper conversion kits; available for Mini Cooper models manufactured from 1997 onwards. Our conversion kits have been rigorously tried and tested, proven to enhance the driving experience for all relevant Cooper models. The conversion kit we have used on the Cooper demonstrator is the John Cooper 1275cc MPi conversion kit. This engine kit increases power output to 90bhp and is available on our website or in-store as a supply and fit kit only. The kit encompasses a range of parts developed and designed to improve performance. This includes a larger valve, a ported S stage cylinder head, a high performance exhaust and improved fuelling and induction components amongst other beneficial features. Further modifications made in the engine bay included the installation of a modified Blue Cooper cylinder head, 1.5 John Cooper rockers and rocker covers, cap and T-bars plus the stainless steel Cooper Dipstick – a nice finishing touch to the engine bay!

Cooper 500 S Engine Bay

Above: In the engine bay! Cooper conversion kit installation. 

In regards to interior styling the Cooper 500 was upgraded with a whole host of new Cooper accessories, manufactured exclusively by the Cooper Car Company who channeled inspiration from the original furnishings of Cooper cars for a reminiscent look with affluent touches.This included the exclusive collection of John Cooper gauges and clocks, re-launched in association with Smiths earlier this year. A Cooper Alloy billet door furniture kit, complete with the door lock covers and door opener handles in Black. Cooper seat adjuster bracket, stainless steel doorsill edgings and a Cooper alloy billet gear knob in Silver. Cooper Monza type chrome fuel caps, Cooper winged bonnet and boot badges and a dummy tank filler neck to give the classic aesthetic, finished off the conversion beautifully!

Mini Parts & Accessories

Above: Cooper Monza type chrome fuel filler cap with adapter LH tank and the iconic Cooper winged bonnet badge.

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