Brake Discs & Covers

Classic Mini Brake Discs and Covers

If you’re looking to replace or upgrade your classic Mini brake discs and/or covers, you have made a pit stop at the place here at Mini Sport!


We stock Original Equipment Mini Cooper 7” Brake Discs, Mini Cooper S 7.5” Brake Discs and 8.4” Brake Discs for all Mini models from 1984 onwards. We also stock the disc covers for the Cooper S 7.5” discs and the Classic Mini 8.4” discs too – an all-encompassing selection that through their high-quality design, offers superb value.

Our Range of Classic Mini Brake Discs and Covers

For over 50 years, the Mini Sport team have been creating, sourcing and fitting Mini parts and accessories, establishing a world-leading business in the process. We exist to keep the spirit of this timeless car alive, so you can feel rest assured that we have left no stone unturned in our efforts to present the best, most viable products that will keep your Mini on the road for many more years to come.

Replacing Your Mini Brake Discs

It should go without saying that when a brake disc needs changing, choosing the right high-quality replacement is important – inferior (or incorrect) brake discs will affect the braking performance and the wear characteristics of the entire braking system.


If you feel any vibrations as you brake, this is likely a sign that your brake discs may have worn or suffered thermal damage. In that case, they must be changed right away. Mini brake discs work with brake pads – so if your discs do indeed need changing, it’s always best to replace the pads too to ensure that both are of optimum quality (with the pads providing sufficient friction to the brakes).

Our Mini Brake Disc Range

Amongst our Mini brake discs range, you will find:


  • Vented brake discs are two flat discs that have been put together; one on top of the other. This creates a gap for air to flow and thus, allows the discs to stay cool, improving braking and extending the life of the discs.

  • Grooved brake discs have slots on their surface that allow air to flow away. The action of these discs sees the grooves increase friction, making for a smooth braking process.

  • Drilled brake discs are designed to offer enhanced grip, which allows you to brake harder and faster. This works because of the holes that have been drilled through the discs – they increase friction between the pads and disc and hence, allows for faster braking.


  • Brake disc shields/covers protects the discs (and the pads and hoses) from being infiltrated by dirt and dust, as well as the friction materials that are produced from the wear of the pads and discs.

  • Mini brake disc kits. In addition to these individual parts, we have complete vented/grooved brake disc kits that have everything you need – including Mini brake pads, making for an easy way to replace a large component of your braking system in one go.


Why not browse our selection to learn more about these items?

Mini Brake Discs Technical Information

7.9” Vented Brake Discs (with the Mini Sport 4 pot alloy Calipers) will fit beneath most 10” Wheels, while our range of 8.4” Vented Brake Discs (with the Mini Sport 4 Pot Alloy Calipers) will fit beneath 12” or 13” wheels. Both provide the ultimate stopping power in the early Classic Mini style.


We also supply our own brand of Mini brake discs along with manufacturers such as EBC, Tarox and Original Equipment (O.E) Specification. To underline the complete service provided in house here at Mini Sport, our Safety and Maintenance Department can change brake discs for you – for safety reasons and ultimate stopping performance, we always replace both discs and fit new classic Mini brake pads as standard.

Browse Mini Sport For High-Quality Mini Parts and Accessories

No matter if you’re looking to restore the original look and feel of your Mini’s model or if you’d like to place a bespoke customisation upon it; we have everything you will need amongst our vast product range. Our dedicated Mini experts are always on hand to answer any questions you have on anything regarding your Mini – so feel free to get in touch!


To learn more about out range of Mini brake discs, or anything Mini in general, you can speak to us by calling 01282 778731. Alternatively, you can send an e-mail to and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.


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