Concours Carpet Set RED for RHD Mini Saloon

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Infuse your RHD Mini Saloon with a touch of opulence with our Concours Carpet Set in RED. Designed for discerning enthusiasts, this luxurious tufted carpet set brings a vibrant splash of colour and plush comfort to your classic Mini.


Step into a world of classic charm and contemporary luxury with the Concours Carpet Set in RED, tailored for the RHD Mini Saloon. This premium carpet set represents the pinnacle of interior elegance for Mini enthusiasts who desire a perfect blend of comfort and style.

Our superior tufted carpets are designed to complement the rich heritage of the Mini, with a fit specific to the iconic 1960s Cooper models and all models from 1973 onwards. Precision-engineered to the original specifications, each set ensures a snug fit with bound edges that exude sophistication and durability.

Beyond the stunning visual appeal, our carpets offer a variety of colour options for those who wish to personalise their Mini's interior further. Alongside the vibrant red, we offer a palette of specially tailored colours to cater to your individual taste. Please contact our sales team for more details.

Produced by British Motor Heritage, renowned for their fidelity to classic British automotive excellence, these carpets are not just accessories but a statement of quality. Each set comes from a lineage of parts that are as authentic as your classic Mini itself. Our sales team are ready to help.

To complete the restoration of your Mini's interior, we provide an array of matching accessories, including Heritage Tailored Trims for a fully integrated aesthetic that respects the Mini's storied legacy.

Choose the Concours Carpet Set in RED for your RHD Mini Saloon and experience the harmony of heritage craftsmanship and modern luxury that only British Motor Heritage can provide. It's not just a carpet; it's a celebration of your Mini's spirit, ready to be admired and treasured for years to come.

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