Classic Mini Restoration: From Barn Find to Beauty

Painted restored Mini bodyshell

Dilapidated to delightful:

A French barn find Mini brought back to life at Mini Sport!

Classic Mini Restoration

In the world of classic car enthusiasts, there are few sights more heartwarming than witnessing the transformation of a forgotten relic into a shining jewel. Such is the story of a classic Mini that languished in a French barn for years, waiting for its chance to once again conquer the open road. Thanks to the dedicated and skilled team at Mini Sport, this iconic little car is undergoing a remarkable resurrection.

Barn find Mini on ramps in Mini Sport GarageBarn find Mini damage on drivers side

The Barn Find Saga

When this classic Mini was discovered in a French barn, it was a sight to behold for anyone with a soft spot for automotive history. However, the years of neglect had taken their toll. Panel damage and the dreaded rust had firmly entrenched themselves on this once-iconic vehicle. The new owner, recognising the rare gem hidden beneath the grime, decided it was time to breathe new life into this vintage beauty.

Barn find Mini engine bay Rust on classic Mini rear sill Rust showing on classic Mini front sill and wheelarch

Damage and rust showing on rear of Mini Classic Mini rear window and roof rust and damage Mini rear quarter damage and rust

A Skilled Team Takes the Reins

As the dilapidated Mini arrived at the Mini Sport workshop, the extent of disrepair became all too evident. It was a daunting challenge, but the skilled bodyshop team at Mini Sport was more than up to the task. With the precision and expertise that comes from years of working on classic cars, they set out to resurrect this Mini.

One of the crucial steps in the restoration process was to remove the damaged sections while taking extra precautions to preserve the surrounding structure. This delicate balance between removal and preservation required a high level of skill and experience, which the Mini Sport team possessed in abundance.

Stripped mini body shell

Classic Mini restoration begins Removal of damaged and rusty Mini body panels Damaged Mini body panels removed

A New Lease on Life

To bring this classic Mini back to its former glory, new body panels were a necessity. Mini Sport's team seamlessly fitted a complete floor panel, boot floor panel, half rear panel, door panels, bonnet, and front wings. Each panel was carefully chosen and fitted with the utmost precision to ensure that the Mini would soon look like it just rolled off the factory floor.

Once the body panels were in place, the bodyshop experts turned their attention to prepping the shell for primer and paint. The painstaking preparation process ensures that the final paint job will be nothing short of perfection. The attention to detail and dedication to preserving the Mini's authenticity are hallmarks of Mini Sport's restoration work.

New classic Mini floor panel fitted New classic Mini rear panel fitted

New Classic Mini door and bonnet fitted New classic Mini wings replaced

Classic Mini restoration well underway!

Classic Mini bodyshell restoration well underway

Classic Mini bodyshell prepped and primed ready to paint


Watch the Mini Sport team in action painting the Mini's Body Shell



A classic Mini shell painted in silver.

Mini bodyshell painted in Platinum Silver

Classic Mini bodyshell paintedClassic Mini restoration, bodyshell painted

The Journey Ahead

The story of this French barn find Mini's revival is far from over. As the team at Mini Sport continues to work their magic, we can't help but eagerly anticipate the day when this classic Mini, once lost and forgotten, will once again hit the open road in all its restored glory.

Stay tuned as we follow this remarkable journey of restoration and resurrection. The classic Mini is on the path from dilapidated to delightful, and Mini Sport is leading the way.

Whether you're a classic car enthusiast or simply appreciate the art of restoration, this is a story you won't want to miss. Witness the rebirth of a true automotive legend, all thanks to the skill and dedication of the Mini Sport team.


Watch this space for this classic Mini restoration! 

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