Shock Absorber Kit for Classic Mini: Precision Gas Upgrade

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Unveil the future of driving with the Precision Gas Upgrade – a comprehensive shock absorber kit tailored for the Classic Mini. Dive into an unparalleled fusion of design, comfort, and mastery.


Elevate every journey with the Precision Gas Upgrade Complete Kit for your Classic Mini:

  • Integrated Excellence: This all-in-one package is your passport to unrivalled driving dynamics. Carefully curated, it’s where front and rear performance harmoniously converge.
  • Innovative Craftsmanship: Each component is meticulously crafted, combining breakthrough anti-leak technology and a design ethos that priorities durability and longevity.
  • Redefining Comfort: Boasting advanced valving systems, the kit promises rides that are not only smoother but also incredibly responsive. Experience every journey with renewed zest.
  • Seal of Superiority: Embodying our commitment to unmatched quality, the Precision Gas Upgrade is more than a product – it’s a promise of driving transformation.

To continually revel in the magic of this upgrade, regular maintenance checks are imperative. For the best results and harmonised performance, ensure both front and rear shock absorbers are installed together.

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  • GSA389 Uprated Gas Mini rear shock absorber

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