Mk1 Mini Rally Conversions Finished!

MK1 Mini Rally Build,
Mk1 Mini Rally Conversions Finished!
Mini Sport have totally transformed these 2 Mk1 Minis that joined us all the way from Belgium…

Discover the exciting journey of two Mk1 Minis, hailing all the way from Belgium, as they underwent a thrilling rally transformation at Mini Sport. These standard 850 Minis arrived in February 2020, eager to embrace their new rally identities.

Our skilled technicians left no bolt unturned. The journey began with a complete strip-down, revealing the heart and soul of these classic cars. The goal? To fit them with a powerful lineup of competition parts, including robust roll cages to prepare them for the rally stage.

Install of a roll cage, at Mini Sport's Body Shop
Painted floor of a classic Mini to match the roll cage.

Fitting a full 18-point FIA approved roll cage was a pivotal step. We meticulously welded plates to secure the cage and expertly lowered the doors for a seamless fit. Meanwhile, in our Garages, the front and rear subframes underwent a comprehensive overhaul. Strengthening plates were welded, followed by a sleek powder coating, breathing new life into these essential components. Performance was at the forefront as we assembled them with Cooper S Calipers and a cutting-edge suspension system.

Under the hood, we meticulously crafted Stage 4 1380cc competition engines paired with straight-cut gearbox units, unleashing unprecedented power and performance.

Engine install on a mk1 Mini Rally Build

Safety was paramount, and we left no stone unturned. Plumbed-in and handheld fire extinguisher systems, alongside precision-fitted specialist dashboard panels and Internal Gear Change, ensured optimal safety and control. Comfort and security were further enhanced with Cobra Monaco Pro seats and Sabelt 5-point harnesses. 

Seats of a classic Mini, rally conversion.
Dashboard of a classic Mini, fitted with Moutney steering wheel.

Despite the challenges posed by Covid restrictions, our mission was accomplished. These Mk1 Minis were finally reunited with their eager owners in Belgium, ready to embark on their first rally adventure.

Whatever your Mini competition dreams may be, Mini Sport is here to help you and your Mini conquer the road.

Two completed mk1 Mini Rally Conversions.
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