Quick Release Steering Wheel Boss - Mini

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Upgrade your classic Mini's security with our Quick Release Steering Wheel Boss.

Designed in collaboration with Optimill, the leaders in Land Rover Defender security, this innovative device acts as a visual deterrent and ensures your Mini stays right where it belongs.

Available in two fitment options:

- Momo steering wheel style with bolt pattern (PCD): 6x70 mm

- Moto Lita style with bolt pattern (PCD): 9x4" (101.6mm).


Enhance the security of your classic Mini with our Quick Release Steering Wheel Boss, a state-of-the-art solution developed in partnership with Optimill, the renowned experts in Land Rover Defender security. Designed to be both a functional and stylish upgrade, this device provides an extra layer of protection against theft while adding a touch of sophistication to your Mini's interior.

Our Quick Release Steering Wheel Boss offers seamless integration with two fitment options, allowing you to choose the style that best complements your Mini. The Momo steering wheel style features a bolt pattern (PCD) of 6x70 mm, while the Motolita style boasts a bolt pattern (PCD) of 9x4" (101.6mm). Each fitment option is crafted with precision to ensure a perfect match and effortless installation.

Not only does the Quick Release Steering Wheel Boss serve as a visual deterrent, but it also acts as a practical security measure. When installed, it significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized access to your Mini by deterring potential thieves from even attempting to steal it. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your prized possession is protected.

Please note that upgrading to our Quick Release Steering Wheel Boss requires the installation of a compatible steering wheel. We offer a superb range of stylish Momo steering wheels that are ideal for this purpose. When replacing your steering wheel, we advise exercising caution to avoid any mishaps. Leave the nut on a few threads during removal to prevent accidental injuries.

Choose Mini Sport x Optimill for the ultimate security solution for your classic Mini. Safeguard your investment and add a touch of elegance to your driving experience with our Quick Release Steering Wheel Boss.

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