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If you’re looking to improve the performance of your classic Mini, having the means to tweak your engine is an absolute must. Whether you want to generate more power, require performance to be more efficient or you need to get more miles to the gallon; tuning kits can revitalise even the oldest Mini engines.

As world-leading providers of ‘everything Mini’, you can feel rest assured that you will find everything you need to realise your ideal drive here at Mini Sport. As part of our Mini engine collection, we supply Tuning Kits that are compatible with all standard or modified A-Series engines found in Classic Mini & Mini Cooper models.

Tuning Kits For Classic Mini Engines.

Aside from its economical nature, it’s the customisability of the classic Mini that has seen it remain a popular icon for all these years – tuning kits for Mini engines playing a major part in that. The right Mini engine tuning kit can optimise the performance requirements of the car far beyond those that it was originally designed to meet – ideal, especially if you’re looking to take your Mini out on the track or rally course.

Our Injection Tuning Kits, Stage 2 Tuning Kits and Twin Carburettor Tuning Kits have been designed and developed by our in-house engineering experts to offer improved performance and economy for your Classic Mini. They include high-quality parts engineered to improve power by up to 50% and torque by up to 30% - they also aim to improve acceleration with better fuel consumption for a smoother ride.

In addition to our Engine Tuning selections, we also supply John Cooper Conversion Kits as part of the Cooper Car Company product line, renowned historically for quality and reliability across the world. Why not take a look around our selection for a product that will suit your particular requirements?

Need More Information? Get In Touch With Our Mini Specialists!

Ever since the Mini first appeared on the roads in the ‘swinging 60s’, Mini Sport has been providing enthusiasts with all the parts and spares they need to realise their ideal cars. In the intervening years, we have constantly strived to help our customers to locate the precise parts they need – regardless if they’re repairing, replacing, modifying or even building something bespoke; our team have all the experience needed to help you through your Mini servicing journey. Interested in learning more about our Mini engines and tuning kits (or indeed, anything you may see on this website)? Then why not get in touch with us today?

You can get in touch with us by calling 01282 778731 or alternatively by sending an e-mail to sales@minisport.com


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  1. Stage 2 Tuning Kit - 1275 - HIF44 Carb
    £1,587.02 £1,322.52 Regular Price £1,773.30
  2. Stage 2 Tuning Kit 998/1098 HS4 Carb
    £1,499.28 £1,249.40 Regular Price £1,690.45
  3. Stage 3 Tuning Kit - 1275 MPi - 90bhp
    £2,157.25 £1,797.71 Regular Price £2,302.98
  4. Stage 3 Tuning Kit - 1275 SPi - 85bhp
    £1,994.38 £1,661.98 Regular Price £2,126.89
  5. Stage 3 Tuning Kit - 1275 - with Twin SU Carbs

    From £3,719.03 £3,099.19 Regular Price £3,991.38

    To £3,872.63 £3,227.19 Regular Price £4,157.44

  6. Stage 3 Tuning Kit - 998/1098 - inc Twin 1.1/4 SU Carbs
    £3,641.38 £3,034.48 Regular Price £3,917.16
  7. John Cooper 1275cc Twin Carb 80bhp Conversion
    £4,449.65 £3,708.04 Regular Price £4,664.89
  8. John Cooper 1275cc SPi 82bhp Conversion
    £2,667.43 £2,222.86 Regular Price £2,788.87
  9. John Cooper Mini 1.3i MPi 85bhp S Works Conversion
    £2,965.15 £2,470.96 Regular Price £3,102.26
  10. John Cooper 998cc Twin Carb 64bhp Conversion
    £4,177.25 £3,481.04 Regular Price £4,384.48
  11. John Cooper 1275cc MPi Conversion for Aircon Models
    £2,613.40 £2,177.83 Regular Price £2,796.11
  12. Air Box Induction Pipe - S Works Mini MPi
    Special Price £134.12 £111.77 Regular Price £145.00

Items 1-12 of 17

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