Heritage Mk5 Mini Body Shell (97-01) - AAA360200

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Bring your Mini into the new millennium with the Heritage Mk5 Mini Body Shell (AAA360200) from British Motor Heritage. Perfectly suited for Minis built between 1997 and 2001, this brand-new body shell comes complete with a bonnet, boot, and doors, all finished in primer and ready for your custom paint job. Designed specifically for models with standard black plastic arches, it has the blanked L/H inner wing for twin point injection Minis.


The Heritage Mk5 Mini Body Shell is the ultimate foundation for your Mini restoration project, offering a blend of classic design and modern features. British Motor Heritage, the trusted name in classic Mini parts, presents this Mk5 body shell, meticulously prepared to meet the needs of Minis from the late '90s era. Whether you're restoring a Mini to its original glory or embarking on a custom build, this body shell provides the perfect starting point.

At Mini Sport, we are passionate about helping you achieve the Mini of your dreams, whether through restoration or customisation. The Heritage Mk5 Mini Body Shell is a testament to our commitment to quality and precision, ensuring your project starts on the right foot. 

Compatibility and Features:

  • Ideal for Minis built between 1997 and 2001, none Sportpack
  • No modifications for wing cutaways, designed to accommodate the standard thin black plastic arches characteristic of this era.
  • The left-hand inner wing is blanked off, specifically for twin point injection Minis.
  • Comes with doors, boot lid, and bonnet pre-installed and aligned, significantly reducing prep time before painting.


Customisation Options:

Mini Sport offers professional painting services for the body shell in your choice of colour. This added service allows you to personalise your Mini restoration project further, ensuring a finish that matches your vision.

For more information on our painting services or any other inquiries, our team of experts is always here to provide guidance and support.

Brand New British Motor Heritage Mk5 Mini Bodyshell, complete with bonnet, boot and doors finished in primer.

This is a complete replacement body shell for Minis built approx between 1997-2001, although can be used when rebuilding a Mk3 on Mini.

We can also provide body shells painted in your choice of colour! Contact us for further information and prices.

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SKU AAA360200
Manufacturer British Motor Heritage
Body Panels Bodyshell
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