Drive with Paddy Hopkirk Book - Signed by Paddy Hopkirk

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Paperback book of comic strips from the 1960's, edited by Paddy Hopkirk, to help people increase their driving skills and stay safe on the roads - Signed by Paddy Hopkirk!

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Mini enthusiasts will be thrilled with this collection of classic cartoons from the 1960's...

Fans of Paddy Hopkirk and the Mini will be delighted to receive this compilation featuring 93 cartoons by Nick Faure and Sydney Jordan - and edited by Paddy Hopkirk which were lost (presumed gone) but rediscovered from Paddy's own archives.

Originally appearing weekly in the Sunday Mirror in 1969 to help make people better drivers, they are presented in this book as a collection for the first time!

Discover the nostalgic charm of safe driving during the 1960's and how it's progressed to modern day in this stunning A5 book.

Signed by Paddy Hopkirk himself, this is truly a collectors item! 

Also available as personalised & signed by Paddy.

STRICTLY LIMITED PRINT RUN and only available from Mini Sport!

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