This week on the blog we decided to take a look at relatively easy DIY jobs you can undertake on your Mini at home... These simple jobs can prevent your Mini from breaking down, they can save you money & help ensure your Mini is as healthy as can be - prolonging it's life & performance!

Periodic Inspections

Every now & again, it's worth looking over your Mini to spot anything that seems not quite right...

  • Check your lights
  • Tyre tread & pressure
  • Noises
  • Oil level
  • Wiper blades

If you notice anything off when conducting your checks, it's time to get your Mini looked at - if you're a confident tinkerer yourself, you may be able to fix an issue comfortably, but when in doubt - seek professional help.

Fluid Levels

Checking your fluid levels is something quite basic that could easily prevent a major disaster for your Mini. Many driving instructors now show you how to do this on your lessons, your owner's manual is also a good place to look for this information - as well as instructional YouTube videos.

  • Coolant / antifreeze & correct mix
  • Brake Fluid
  • Oil
  • Washer fluid

Checking your oil and coolant  are probably the most important jobs on your Mini, do not overlook this! Check out our handy guide on what to do to change your oil, and what could happen to your engine if you fail to do it!

Just keep your fluids topped up to the correct levels, and don't forget to have them changed when required - also keep an eye out for any leaks!

Battery & Contacts

The battery on your Mini shouldn't require too much upkeep - but keeping the contacts clean on it, along with knowing how to remove/fit the battery and how to jump start (keep a set of jump leads in your Mini) in a pickle will help you keep it in tip top condition & hopefully prevent you getting stuck roadside in the case of battery issues. The battery is in the boot of all Minis, except for Vans & Pick-ups where it's located behind the seats.

Spark Plugs

If your spark plugs are worn or covered in carbon deposits or oil residue, your engine won't be performing efficiently. This ultimately costs more money to run & can potentially result in a break down! We recommend you replace your plugs every 50000 miles, along with your ignition coil every 100000 miles. These are preventative measures you can take to save you trouble down the line! Don't forget, when changing your plugs you'll need a spark plug socket and feeler gauges. It is a good idea to check the condition of the HT ( high tension ) leads at the same time.

Engine Air Filter

You need to be changing the air filter on your Mini annually, or every 12000 miles - whichever comes first. Depending on the conditions you drive in, you may need to change it even more frequently than that. A clogged air filter will starve your engine of air which will reduce it performance and can decrease your mpg!


Ensure you get your tyres balanced & aligned regularly, this will help ensure the lifespan of your tyres & make for a more safe & comfortable drive.

Wiper Blades

Although you may feel wiper blades are not an imperative safety feature on your Mini, they are actually vital in ensuring visibility! Even if you don't drive your Mini in the rain, they also help clear off muck & debris from your screen. So when they start to leave streaks or make strange noises, it's time to change them.


We hope that this guide can give you an idea of some of the DIY Jobs you can do to your Mini! Don't forget, our team is available 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday to assist you with any questions you may have – or assistance you may need, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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