10 Fuel Saving Tips for Your Mini!

10 Fuel Saving Tips for Your Mini!

With fuel prices rapidly rising across the globe, the cost of running your car is increasing. With growing concerns that the cost of petrol may surpass £2 a litre this year, drivers are looking for ways to save on fuel costs, reducing driving expenses... Good news, this is where your Mini comes in!

Let's not forget why the Mini was designed, to combat the 1956 Suez Fuel Crisis which saw the UK government forced to ration fuel & the demand for a small economical car with lower fuel consumption.

Getting out in your Mini rather than a modern car will save you fuel anyway, but by simply adjusting the way that you drive, you could save yourself even more...

Top 10 Fuel Saving Tips

  1. Maintain your Mini!
    Keeping your Mini well looked after & keep all servicing up to date, will help improve / maintain your fuel consumption. Ultimately regular servicing can improve mpg ensuring you have an efficient engine. You can check out our engine servicing guide here.
  2. Stick to the speed limit
    This should be something you follow anyway, but if the temptation is there to go just a few mph over the limit - don't! It's not only a safety risk, but also consumes much more fuel.
  3. Don't accelerate too quickly
    Driving aggressively can cause your car to use up to 60% more fuel! Try to drive steadily, at a reasonable pace.
  4. Change your gear in plenty of time
    Try to change gears up when you're travelling at roughly 2000 rpm, this can help.
  5. Check your tyre pressure
    Keep an eye on your tyre pressure as this can also increase fuel usage if the pressure is too low!
  6. Don't use air con
    Air con is great, however it is costly to run! Using air con in your Mini can use a lot more petrol, try to save it for when it's really needed.
  7. Keep your windows closed
    We're not trying to make you sweaty! But, keeping your windows closed when travelling at speed - such as on the motorway can help keep your car aerodynamic, using less fuel. Windows down are fine on slower roads, but remember changing the shape of your car can change how easily it moves.
  8. Plan your trips
    Planning your journeys can help keep your fuel usage efficient. Try to avoid short trips where possible as your car uses the most fuel in the first 5 miles. Walk to the shop rather than drive, or try to combine errands to one journey.
  9. Don't carry unnecessary weight
    Your car uses more fuel to carry around more weight... So lose any unnecessary luggage! Don't cart things around just for the sake of it. A lighter car is a more efficient car.
  10. Car share where possible
    If at all possible, this is a real petrol saver! Try car sharing with a colleague to help with your daily commute.

Unfortunately the fuel prices in the UK aren't showing any signs of lowering anytime soon. The aftermath of the pandemic combined with Russia's invasion of Ukraine has driven up the cost & disrupted the supply chain. We hope that these tips will help you reduce the cost of driving in any vehicle, it will certainly help some re-discover their love of driving in the Mini!

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